Friday, May 12, 2023

You get what you pay for!

I got a chuckle when I went to pick up my new glasses earlier this week. Remember, I went to Lenscrafters but didn't want to pay much money, so I opted for one of their "packages" that was locked in a drawer. The frames are very nice, and I liked them instantly when I put them on. 

The lady handed them to me, and I tried them on. Yes, they are awesome, but they seemed slightly crooked, so I asked if she could fix them. She did it, but she didn't look at me with the glasses on; she didn't offer much to fit them to my face. I retried them, and they were fine. 

I then asked if she could tighten my sunglasses which I had purchased from them several years ago. Again, she didn't bother looking at me with them on, but she heated and adjusted the frames. She even cleaned them, so while I initially got the feeling of reluctance, she came through with fantastic service. 

However, you do NOT get a hard case with the inexpensive glasses, or do they even do that anymore? 

I don't use the hard case, so I'm glad to not have one. 

The case for my new glasses

And there they are - my new glasses for $230, tax included. They are safely tucked away in the drawer, as I'm quite happy with the old pair. 

My new glasses

Yesterday was all about getting the tires changed on my car. I knew it would be a long appointment, and they did not fail my expectations. However, I was prepared! There's a nice "big-box" type shopping strip near the dealership, and I had several things I needed to do, so I walked! 

I stopped by Staples to get rid of some receipts. They charge by the pound, and I had ONE pound, so it cost me $1. You have to shove everything through a small slot into the locked box, but I can live with that. It's so much easier and faster than having a shredder at home. Unless you have a ton of stuff to shred or are totally paranoid. And I never found those home shredders to be that great -- they would only last for a short while and one more thing to clutter your house. So this is the way to go! I drop stuff off once or twice a year, and the fact that I did it on foot, makes me even happier. 

I also picked up a pencil sharpener for my retreat toolbox. 

My new pencil sharpener

Then I went to look for rubber Birkenstocks. They didn't have any at the Sportchek, but I found two pairs of socks and a skort. In hindsight, I should have bought fabric and made a cute twirly skirt to slip on over my shorts if I need to go out. But I'll try the skort and see if I like it. It's technically not a skort but a skirt over a pair of exercise shorts. 

There is a sidewalk along both sides of this street, but I bet I'm the ONLY one who has ever walked up and down it to shop. Then I was off to Fabricland, where I found loads of fabric that would have worked for a skirt and cost me next to nothing to make a skirt as there was a sale. But I needed a few things to make a child's dress, so I got that. 

I picked up some grooming tools from PetSmart. So the comb that I bought for Murphy works much better on Lexi. She has so MUCH hair, and I'm trying to get rid of it. The comb worked like a charm. 

Off to Chapters, where I picked up the new Threads magazine. 

There was another shoe store in the area, so I went there, but they didn't have what I was looking for either. 

I looked at my watch; it was about time to return to the dealership. 

I arrived, and my car was just finished, so I waited a few minutes for the paperwork and was out of there. While I still do not get that it takes 2½ hours to change tires when they are on rims, I at least was prepared, and walking that shopping district worked for me. I got a few errands done and didn't have to "wait." I can live with that. Funny, how much better I cope when the expectation is set. If only we could properly communicate this wait time (or other expectations). 

I've been faithfully using my toe stretchers each night, and I'm not going to say they are working, but I've noticed a difference in my feet. I walk a lot, and yesterday was no exception, with over 15 KM clocked. This could be a placebo effect because I can't believe in three days of toe stretching that, my feet would feel less tired after a long day. But they do, or is that all in my head? Either way, if my feet feel less tired, I'm good with that! 

Then home to have dinner and relax in the back with the girls. So Murphy is watching the "nature" channel through the slats in the fence. See how shady that area is? I swear our house is so cold because of those trees. Yet our neighbor (a young man in his early 20s) had the air conditioning running yesterday, and I have a sweater on because of the cold. What is happening with this world that you can't bear a bit of heat? 

Murphy watching the nature channel

And there is Murphy in the plants near the pond. Why does she have to lie IN the plants? 

Mom -- just chilling

While Lexi is happy to lie on the wooden floor of the gazebo? 

Mom -- I'm the GOOD dog - remember

It's not as if that is the only flower bed, either. She was quite happy to move to the other one. Sigh................   This one is beside the wind sculpture, so you can't miss her! 

Mom -- this flower bed is the perfect size for me!

She is just a goof and relentless with the ball. And very vocal if you don't play with her. I'd like to curb that habit a bit! We just can't win with her -- instead of lying on a hard surface, she's now in an area with lots of dead leaves. So when she gets up, she's covered, and even though the floor was vacuumed on Wednesday, by Thursday afternoon, leaves were strewn from one end of the house to the other. 

Mom -- just collecting leaves to bring into the house

I didn't get much done in the way of sewing as I was on the computer for most of the day. I finished some writing and hope to get another article done this morning. Then there are a few more articles to write and some e-mails to answer, and I have some sewing. 

There are SIX presentations this weekend, and none of them are prepped! Yikes --- I need to get some homework done for some of them, so it will be another busy day! 

I put cream on my feet before I headed out yesterday, and all seemed to go well. Fingers crossed, but I'm very leery of the heat, but I need to walk in the heat to see how my feet react, so bring it on! 

OH -- I wanted to mention my schedule in case anyone wants to attend some of the events. 

I'll be at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston on May 18 and 19. 

May 18 (10 - 1) is Embroidery - Where to Begin (Husqvarna Viking)
May 18 (6 - 9) is Accessories, Attachments, and More (Husqvarna Viking)

May 19 (9 - 12) Garment Sewing Techniques (PFAFF)
May 19  (2 - 5) Accessories, Attachment, and More (PFAFF)

The accessories and attachments are geared to specific brands of machines. The other two will focus on the particular brand of machines, but there will be loads of tips and tricks for EVERYONE, regardless of your machine brand. You do NOT need top-of-the-line machines for any of them. They are all lectures/demos, so come, sit back and relax and learn! 

This is the place to ask questions, so get signed up! 

Then I'm in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

May 23 (9 - 12) Quilting

May 23 (1 -4) Quilting

May 24 (9 - 12) Serging

May 24 (1 - 4) Serging

Again, these are lectures/demos, so all you need to do is come and listen. I have loads of samples to inspire and loads of tips to share, and we're going to have a super time! Even if you've been quilting for a long time, there's sure to be something new to inspire, and as for the serger class? Well, I know some of you are terrified of your serger, and trust me -- you won't be when we're done! Loads of tips and tricks to make you WANT to get that serger out! 

Check your calendars and get signed up!! You'll be sorry if you miss these events. 

FYI -- the Virtual Retreat is on May 27 and 28 this month. 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Maybe a Kuranda bed outside in the gazebo or other shady spot would keep Murphy out of the flowerbeds. It seems she is looking for the cooler and not so hard spots to laydown