Thursday, May 4, 2023

The learning curve

OH -- I forgot to mention the pattern name for that bowl. I don't know which version my friend used, but the original is an Aunties Two pattern, and it's called Woven Spiral Bowl. I'm sure there are loads of knockoffs online, but I suspect this is the original, as it's the style of items this company designs. 

Does the learning ever end? I have been struggling with an issue on the serger - actually, two issues. So I spent considerable time yesterday trying to conquer the rolled edge for a circular item. It's not the actual serging that is the problem -- I have that down pat. It's how to make the join (beginning and end) look seamless. I'm not 100% perfect, but I've got loads of tips on how to make it happen. So that was all good. 

There's a small lump still at the join, but it's not bad. And the type of thread you use can also make a difference which you can see in the photos!

Practice for a rolled hem

Then I was attempting to use some decorative thread in the loopers, and I learned loads about that as well. I still have quite a bit of experimenting I'd like to do, but I was getting bored of "learning," so I turned to the sewing machine and started to work on my pre-cut quilt that is supposed to be done by June. 

One of the ladies was cleaning one of her sewing projects and found this. 

A teeny hexie

Do you see how small that hexagon is? That is the tiniest hexie I've ever seen, and apparently, she made a small doll quilt for a friend! She must like that friend a lot, as that would have been a ton of work to make that happen. 

So does this happen to you? You pull out a UFO and need to figure out where you left off. I always recommend leaving a note, but how much detail show be on that note so you know what you should be doing? 

How about this note......

A note in a UFO

We all got a good laugh about that. She never did figure out what the note meant, and the blocks got trimmed to a common size and into a quilt! 

The blocks for the note

I went out for two walks yesterday totalling about 12 KM -- I get agitated if I don't get out. The weather has been cool and rainy, but not so much rain that you couldn't squeeze in a walk. And while I was out, the sun came out for a few minutes, and my coat dried. It's bizarre. I think it's gloomy today, but not as much rain? 

It's the shop hop today with the four stores closest to us! Now I would say I don't need anything, but that is not true. I need the borders for a quilt I sewed while I was here. I need some fabric for a dress, a jacket, and thread. So I am going with a list which is the best way to shop. A small item or two might pop in my bag, but I do NOT need anything. I love shopping like that, and I think this might be my first time in a quilt store this year! I know - not good for the quilt economy, but I have so much!

I see that it's almost time, and I need to get moving. I didn't bring a lot to sew and serge and haven't been able to finish a few things because I'm missing thread or something. So if I can find thread today, or it won't take long to finish these things when I get home. I've made good leaps and bounds. 

On that note -- have a super day!!!!


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  1. Thank you for the bowl pattern name. I think this could be a good gift idea for Chistmas this year. Think I will make one and see if I want to make that many more! Torry