Monday, May 15, 2023

Spell check!!

Where is the time going? It seems like it was January 1, not so long ago, and now it's May 15. 

And where did the warm weather go? I started out in shorts and had to change to long pants as it was cool. 

We had two great presentations in the morning, and while I love all the classes, I love the machine embroidery and software one. So many creative ideas, and people are using their machines and software in so many creative ways. Well, that goes for the digital cutters as well. 

But I had created this large embroidery and even stitched it out, and one of the attendees mentioned that there was a SPELLING MISTAKE in it. You have got to be kidding me!!! But yes -- there is was -- plain as day. 

What are my options? This will be on display at Quilt Canada next month and needs to leave my house soon, but there was no way I could send it with a mistake in it. So Plan B was to redo it. OK -- I learned another valuable lesson yesterday. I EXPORTED the file but did NOT save the original file - at least not the final version of it, so I had to recreate part of it. CRAP

However, the more that one does a particular function, the easier it becomes, and it was no big deal to recreate it, although it still took over a half hour to do that. But there were parts of it that I didn't like, so I fixed those as well. At last, I was ready to restitch it out. 

Back to square one with the embroidery

There were even some thread colors that I wasn't happy with, so that spelling mistake was probably meant to be. I'm not quite finished, but I'm much happier with the design. The third time stitching it out is a charm. The first time was a total disaster as I had made a huge mistake when designing it and didn't realize it until I went to stitch it out.

I'm learning so much by doing, and it shocks me that people are so afraid of making mistakes. I don't know how to get it through their heads that the ONLY way to learn and remember is to make mistakes. Oh well --- that's their loss.

Thread ends!

While that was working, I needed something to do, and I would like to get my jacket done by Thursday. So I was back to that. Everything was now cut and ready to sew. I decided to put the WELT pockets in the jacket. There are way more steps to making those pockets than the jacket itself. 

There are the jacket fronts. YES -- that pink is bright! Did I mention this jacket is for Shelly? Just kidding -- she hates pink and wouldn't likely be seen with me wearing this jacket!

The jacket fronts

And here are the welts stitched in place. Ah -- those terms -- grading seams - I haven't seen that in a while. The instructions were to make ONE pocket, and then it said to go back and do the second one. I got this far and decided I better do only one and see how it goes. My original plan was to do all steps to both pockets, and I chickened out when it came time to slice through the fabric. 

The welts are in place

But I'm happy to report that ONE pocket is done. Well, it's not entirely done; I still have to hand-stitch the pocket to the lining. This pocket was well explained, but you had to have your project in front of you to make sense of the pictures in the pattern. Just reading it on its own was confusing. 

The almost completed pocket

And this is what the pocket looks like on the inside of the jacket. AHA -- you can't see the pocket, but if you look close, you can see the pins holding it in place. I finished the pocket seam with seam binding, and I'll hand-stitch the pocket to the lining. Now that I've made one, I have to do the other, but in the future? I won't put pockets on the jacket. 

The pocket on the inside of the jacket

This is the Tamarack jacket, and I see other people put patch pockets on the outside. I HATE pockets on a jacket -- well, that's not true. Pockets can be practical, but NOT when people use them to put their hands in. They look terrible. I went ahead with the welt pockets for the experience and to show my classes, but in the future -- NO pockets. Then the jacket could be together in about two hours. 

I have so much work to do today -- I'm behind in writing, so I'll need to focus on that, but I also have some quilting that needs to be done, so I'll be jumping between a machine and the computer! 

It's hard to see in this photo, but two woodpeckers were trying to find a good spot to peck on this tree. They were hopping around and around. I usually see one, but never two. 

Woodpeckers on a tree

And look at this tree -- it practically covers the front of the house with its beautiful blossoms. 

Where did the house go? 

And what's with Murphy? Is she into towel folding for her bed? What a dog! 

Murphy's attempt at towel folding

But she is ever persistent with that ball. She always carries the darn thing with her in hopes that someone (me) will throw it for her. I need to take a few more minutes today to keep her happy. 

MOM -- -play ball with me

It amazes me what people do when they leave. I suspect this house was recently vacated, and whatever they didn't want was dumped at the curb. There was more furniture in the driveway. What a mess, and why do people think it's OK to leave that for the city to clean up? I don't get that. Call a dumpster to do it -- wait, that would cost money, and why pay for a dumpster when the city will do it for free. Meanwhile, it sits on the curb, looking like a huge mess for a week or more. 

Dumping on the street

I don't know about your area, but during the pandemic, many Starbucks closed. Actually, Starbucks used to be in bookstores. Well, that has changed, and they are now setting up smaller shops in the grocery stores. My grocery store got a Starbucks, and when I stopped at another store last night to get bananas, I saw that a new Starbucks kiosk was going in where the book and magazine rack used to be. This shows the back of the kiosk with eye-height windows to ENTICE you! 

The back of the new Starbucks kiosk

I guess there is MUCH more foot traffic in a grocery store than in a bookstore these days. But having a coffee in the bookstore was much more relaxing than at the grocery store. The entire store is undergoing a massive renovation as the floor was ripped up, and many areas had plastic blocking them. I'll have to go back in a couple of weeks to see what's happening. 

I'm lucky to have two grocery stores within walking distance of the house. I mainly go to one, but if I need something and happen to be in the opposite direction, I'll go to the other. 

And since I took myself out for Mother's Day, I was in the opposite direction and stopped by this store on my way home. Yep -- I was going to go out on Friday, our usual night out. But there was a hockey game, and I thought it would be crazy. Then Saturday, I was listening to the audiobook, so that left last night. It was fun to go by myself. The server wondered where DH was since we are always together. And I got to walk there and back!!!

And now, a new week is starting, and there's so much to do. For the life of me, I can't figure out why there's always so much to do. ALWAYS!!! It's those darn sample-making that is causing the problem!

Anyway, I'm off to spin class this morning and Monday sewing and then heads down!!

Remember, I'm in Kingston this week (Thursday and Friday) at Stitch by Stitch if you still need to sign up!!!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I agree, people are so wrong leaving their mess for someone else to deal with! The flowering tree is beautiful and so is Miss Murphy 🥰