Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Sherlock and Dr Watson

 OK -- so what has happened to the weather? It's like someone turned on the faucet, and the hot water heater is broken. It's cold and rainy! I see it's overcast again this morning, and it feels like minus 2! Thank goodness I didn't bother bringing my bike! Although the weather gets better as the week goes along!

So I'm making progress on the stuff that I brought. Perhaps slower than I would like, but some of this has a learning curve, and well, I'm learning. I'm OK with that. And a lot of chatting is going on, which is perfectly OK! Phone calls, e-mails, visits from non-retreaters, and a quick shopping trip all ate into the sewing time, but a retreat is not just about sewing!

Since it was a rainy day and I needed a geocache, we headed to New Hamburg to catch an Adventure Lab in the library. OK -- so how is this going to work? It was very cool as we had to search out specific books and find ONE specific word in the book. 

The trusty sleuths, Susan (Dr. Watson) and Maryke (Sherlock) solved that puzzle in no time! 

The sleuths are hard at work

OMG --- it was a very neat adventure, and there were a couple that we had to think about before we got the correct answer! I can't imagine the person who set it up! I love this picture - does it look like she discovered a naughty thing in the book!! 

Sherlock is hard at work!

It was interesting that the young girls working there knew nothing about the Adventure Lab, and what happens if the book is checked out? I don't think these books were going anywhere! 

On our way to the library, we spotted a quilt in a window. WOW - what's this? Then we realized it was a credit union, and this was their logo. 

Logo of the local credit union

OK -- so we all know those units as flying geese, and the block itself is called Dutchman's Puzzle. I did NOT go in to get a picture -- I thought it was weird enough that I took the picture outside the window!
Dutchman's Puzzle Quilt

OH -- this library was very cool as they had a jigsaw puzzle swap. You could swap a puzzle for another one. What a brilliant idea. There were a couple of interesting puzzles, but since we didn't have a puzzle, we couldn't take one. They also had a seed lending program as well. How cool is that?

I spotted this puzzle. YES -- that is a puzzle. Don't ask me why. 

A Swiss Chalet puzzle

If you live in our area, you are probably a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and they are in the playoffs. There was an audience here watching the game. But alas, the seats got abandoned - well, this was during intermission. 

Intermission at the hockey game

There was much cheering during the goals, but sadly our team didn't win. But there's always Thursday night! Go, Leafs, Go! 

I see the group is slowly getting up, and let's hope the rain stops soon, but everything is super green here! Even the farm equipment, and there is lots of that, as in addition to being a retreat house, it's an active farm, and the men are always doing something on the other side of the yard with the equipment. I imagine they want this rain to disappear as well! 

So lots of stuff to sew, and I have to get out for a walk, so there's no time to waste! 

Oh yes -- I've got the information for the scrappy quilt by Sandy, and it's a go! I'll provide more details once I'm home and have time to check the calendar. I think it's a bit too early to sign up for the class, but as long as you express interest, I'll put you on the list. Here's a picture of it again. 

Send me an e-mail ( and put SCRAP in the subject (I did get all those that put something else in), but it helps me locate all the e-mails. I got everyone! I'll add you to my list, and you'll get more information. 

Have a super day!!!


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