Friday, May 19, 2023

Sleepless in Kingston

 I agree wholeheartedly with Tammy's comment. Pattern designers, who design their own fabric collections, are happy to load up the requirements with fabric with no regard (or very little) to the financial impact on the end consumer!

I'm happy to report that the day went exceptionally well! While I love to drive, it can be dicey as the car's motion can make me drowsy, which isn't a good combination. A small catnap at a rest stop puts me back in operation, meaning I have to leave early to allow for that. 

However, I didn't need a nap; I was in fine form for driving. And I cheated - we have a toll highway that allows me to bypass the city, and I took it. There's nothing worse than stop-and-go traffic for miles! Once my favorite radio station died out, I put my audiobook on, and I was good! 

I forgot to take pictures of the car before I left, but I had two big sewing/embroidery machines and their embroidery units in the car. So the suitcase couldn't come, but I had MANY tote bags. I've been wondering what to do with them (they used to store stuff in Studio B!), but now they sit empty in the spare bedroom. 

I tried to be careful in the packing and put the items for each of the four classes in ONE bag, but then I did some silly picking, so when I arrived, there were a few things I couldn't find! 

Let's just say that when I left the store last night, samples were strewn all over! I'll go back this morning, tidy up, and restart packing the car, as I prepare for the first event at 9 AM. 

I was fortunate enough to bring BOTH of those machines in for servicing! YES --- The technicians at Stitch by Stitch are excellent in their repair/service jobs, and so both machines got some TLC. I must confess that neither of them had been in for servicing. The icon 2 hasn't been around long, so that's OK, but the EPIC 2? Well, let's just say it was sewing and embroidering beautifully, but it was a "little" full of dirt and lint. 

They took pictures for me, but I forgot to get them last night. 

Anyway --- for those who did not have a chance to attend the events, you MISSED OUT!! There was so much inspiration and knowledge in that room that it about exploded!! If you are in the area today and want to know about garment making or accessories for the sewing machine (although both are PFAFF branded), the techniques discussed can be translated! You'll walk out of that room brimming with excitement. 

The people who attended yesterday were blown away! And remember that I'm in Regina next week; you'll get the same thing with serging and quilting!

We got off topic a wee bit, but that was OK, and the group went home with a MUCH greater appreciation of the abilities of their sewing and embroidery machines. I find there's so much that owners do not know about their machines! So we "off-roaded" a bit, and then we got back on track. 

I had so many props and samples that I quickly abandoned my presentations and winged them! Oops!!

I had a few hours to pass between the presentations, so Michele came to visit, and we went out to lunch, and well, we didn't even notice as they closed the restaurant around us. Oops. But if you are in Kingston, there is a bakery called Bread and Butter, which is attached to the restaurant called Toast and Jam! It's quite good! 

My car is now a bit fuller after MIchele left. Thanks, Michele!!

What was fun with the sessions was that I met some Zoom buddies! It was great fun finally meeting some of them in person! 

Likes I said, if you're around today and have nothing to do --- stop by -- you won't be disappointed. 

I swear I packed my mouse last night, but can I find it this morning? I must have put it on the table and not packed it into my backpack. 

So what's with Kingston? Every time I come here, the hotels are FULL. Yes -- in the future, I'll book the hotel before I come, but I thought - how hard can it be to find a hotel. The first one I went to (and the same thing happened last time), the hotel was full. And I was told they had just sold their last room. Wait -- do they see me coming and perceive me to be trouble? 

Then I booked another hotel online and phoned them to confirm that I wouldn't check in until late. 

When I arrived, the hotel was almost full, and many kids were running around. Yep -- last time I was here, there were several hockey tournaments; this time, it's basketball or something. 

But these kids are NOISY. They ran around the halls until late, but I finally fell asleep. I think the big issue is that the rooms are full of four people or more, it seems, and these kids were running around. 

Then at 4:30, I heard someone above me. What???? They are too young to have weak bladders. Then I heard people getting up and moving for a solid hour. They didn't get much sleep! Now I can hear them moving around again. I've no idea what's going on, but it's very noisy!

And I'm also on the ground floor, which is RARE, and I love having the curtains open, but that would be a bit too public. And I should mention that this room is HUGE and empty. There is no closet - just a small unit to hang a few clothes, no dresser, and the TV is on the wall. It's bare except for a table and two beds. It's weird. Clean but weird. 

Oh well --- I'm getting ready to go and have some breakfast or at least see what's there. If it's filled with people, I'll find a quiet spot at Tim's. There was NO time for a walk this morning - I needed more sleep, and by the time I get home, I might get the girls out for a quick walk. So it'll be a walkless day for sure!

I'll be buying some thread today (Wonderfil Eleganza), and servicing both of those machines pretty much takes up my spending budget! But I always love to see what shops carry for stock, and I have a few things I found for inspiration! 

On that note, I['m out of here!! 

Have a super day!


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