Monday, May 8, 2023


Thanks for the speaker recommendation -- the one I have isn't cheap! It's a SONOS Roam, but from scouring the internet, I'm not alone in the issue of it cutting out. I might just have a look at the Bose because I tried the Roam when I got home, and it wouldn't work. That's not acceptable! I'll also call their support to see what they say! Why do I ALWAYS have issues with my technology? This speaker is NOT old, and I paid $200 for it - not cheap! 

It's so good to go away, but even better to return home! The girls were happy to see me but not excited because they had company! My SIL, her boyfriend, and her daughter were here, so the girls didn't care about me! They were getting ready for a wedding and left shortly after I arrived home. Then it was me and the girls. So it was now time to unpack the car. Then the drama began. 

For whatever reason, they thought they were going in the car! I don't usually let them outside without a leash, but I've been testing Murphy. She went out and jumped in the car even though I hadn't finished unpacking. Lexi usually never ventures out, but I guess they were a bit out of sorts with all the changes at the house. 

MOM -- we need more room in the car!

Murphy jumped out, and Lexi jumped in. 

MOM - There is NO room!

Then before I could get them in the house, Lexi looked around and realized that she was OUT front and not on a leash. She gave me a look, did a little dance, and RAN! Oh yes -- she ran at full tilt, and I stood there in total shock, wondering how I would get her. Then Murphy looked at me, looked at Lexi, and thought, "If she's running, then I am too," and took off after her at full speed. 

They ran on the sidewalk, got to the corner of our street, and stopped. A car came by and thankfully drove by almost at a crawl because they were standing on the corner. I called them, and of course, they didn't come. Then I yelled, "Treat," and Murphy looked at Lexi and said - "I want a treat," and ran full tilt back home. Instead of on the sidewalk, she took a beeline route home. 

Lexi thought for several seconds and then started running back at full speed but on the sidewalk. "Good girl," I suppose, for that! She got two houses away, and I was walking toward her to grab her, and she slipped into the neighbor's drive. At that moment, the next-door neighbor (who rarely goes out) decided to leave his house, and Lexi scooted across his driveway and into ours. 

The car was still open, and she jumped back in! I had her leash in my hand, clipped her to it, and brought her into the house. The two of them were panting and had gleeful looks on their faces! They were happy; Mom was NOT! 

Murphy would not have run unless she saw a rabbit, but that Lexi? She is NOT to be trusted! I've never had her outside without a leash, and the only time I did, she ran! No more freedom for her. 

Once I got everything in the house, we went for a walk. They were still panting from their attempted escape! Those silly girls. 

Mom's home, and we get to go for a walk!

As much as I tried to pare down on this retreat, the car was full on the way home. I dropped off seven quilts that I had quilted and brought home four more! Now how did that happen? Muprhy had to check it all out, of course!

Mom -- that's a lot of stuff!

Then it all got brought downstairs, and she was not going far. Perhaps she knew I would be there to try and sort it out, and she would "protect" it for me. 

Mom -- if you need help - I'm right here!

I was tired because, for whatever reason, I didn't sleep well the last night. I was tired, but when I got into bed, I was wide awake and ready to go! So I had a nap and went to bed early. And all this remains to be put away. Guess what I'll be doing on Monday sewing. 

There's still a lot of stuff to put away

So I got that blister a while back, and while it never amounted to much, it's still hanging around. The darn thing is itchy as heck! I think I mentioned that I found a great article about blisters a while back, so I need to read that! The key is to PREVENT blisters! My SIL has done several major hikes (Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp -- jealous!), and she said that the guides checked their feet every night. You can't readily drop someone off on either of those treks. 

My blister is healing!

So more blister care knowledge is needed, so if I do get one, I know how to protect the skin so it doesn't become a problem. I've been lucky with the temperature, but in the heat, this would rip open, and I'd be back at square one. 

My medal for the Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship) awaited me when I got home. This is from the Conqueror Virtual Challenge series. I have so many codes for new treks; it'll be a while before I need to buy a new one. Currently, there are 52 challenges, and I've done five! 

The box for my new medal

The medals are pretty elaborate. 

The second medal in the Lord of the Rings series

I was supposed to sign up for the third leg (a very short one) while I was away, and my goal was to complete it on the retreat; I totally forgot about it until Thursday, and I decided to join when I got home. I guess I was so excited to be away! 

Miss Murphy needs a lesson on how to get in the house. The door was open, so she could come and go as she pleased, but it wasn't all the way open, so she sat at the other door and barked. 

MOM -- I need help getting in!

As mentioned, I was in bed early and only woke up when I heard the others come home. Then back to sleep, and now I'm ready for spin class!

It's going to be a busy week - not a crazy week - just busy with everything that needs to be done - writing, prepping, sewing, and quilting. And something very exciting is arriving at the house this week. I have yet to track the shipment, but I know it's coming! 

Have a super day!



  1. Oh no!! Bad doggoes!! So glad they love treats!!

  2. Sooo glad you got the girls to come back! That’s scary!