Monday, May 22, 2023

Packing is always fun!

So is it just me, or is it always like this? I don't think I've ever left on a trip and not been in frantic mode the day before. Why is that? 

I know why -- because when we're away, we don't have the same access as we have at home to computer files or whatever, or we know that we can eke out a few minutes here or there to do a job when we're at home and can't do the same thing when away. 

Well, it's been non-stop all day, and well, it's rather late for me, and I'm writing this now because I likely won't have time in the morning. 

I've been writing, sending e-mails, and quilting all day! Yet I still managed to clock 12 KM. I bet that was from packing my suitcases. Oops -- make that ONE suitcase. I did laundry, but I still need to pack my clothes, and that's always the last thing for me. 

I did NOT panic pack. I never do when going on a plane because of the weight restrictions. I very methodically packed that suitcase, and it weighs just under 50 lbs, so I'll be good! It's the second case that worries me. It's a bit larger than my usual carry-on, but it should still be considered a carry-on. However, if they ask for volunteers to check their bags, and I suspect they will, I'll be the first at the counter. I have to wait for my luggage anyway, so if you have to wait for one, you might as well wait for two. The problem is that if I intentionally book that second case, I have to pay for it. If they offer, then it's free! 

I quilted an unusual quilt today, as it was essentially two layers of fabric that had been digitally printed. 

Digitally printed fabric

I was a little hesitant since the two layers were pretty much the same size, but with the wider selvages on one, it worked out OK. I'm not sure where they got it printed, but it's for a baby quilt. 

One side has a print (William Morris?). 

The front? The back? 

And the other side is solid. 

The solid side

Quilting on a solid digital print is dicey since the white from the inside threads can show. But it turned out OK. 

I even dared to trim it, which was fun since there was no guide! But it's pretty darn square (well, squared UP!)

Oh -- I had to get my challenge quilt sent off to Quilt Canada. I thought I had until the end of the month, but NO, it was due NOW. I had quilted it the other day, but it needed a sleeve and label. Those got hand-stitched on, and while I did that, I watched an older episode of The Quilt Show. 

Hand-stitching and watching quilt shows

Thankfully, the local postal outlet is open until 4 PM on Sunday, so I walked it over and it's now gone! One less thing to worry about next week. 

I had to assemble some presentations for this coming week, and for whatever reason, that just didn't work like I wanted. But I persevered, and with the help of a USB stick, it's all done! Now, to cull a few slides, and all will be good. But I swear that I never have the right presentation. It's either in the wrong language, the wrong brand, or the wrong topic! Every single time! 

I've got to figure out a better way to deal with those presentations because they drive me mad and seem to take forever to assemble. 

I "failed" my UFO assignments for this month. There just wasn't time, so I tried to start off this month by downloading the files I need for design work onto the laptop. I have some downtime coming up this week and next, so I hope to get that accomplished. Does any device come with a CD drive any longer? I don't think so. Thankfully, I still have an external one. I should just download ALL my CD discs to the computer and be done with it! 

My CD-drive

And look at that clingy girl. She couldn't be any closer to me! Poor things -- this month, they are getting tossed between our overnight house sitter and our day house sitter! But they will survive! 

MOM -- I need you!

Now besides packing my clothes and downloading one more file to the laptop, what else do I need? 

Hmm -- I think I'm good, and if I've forgotten something, well, too bad. I'll just have to make do with what I have! 

And on that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I use a single laptop. It is lightweight, has a touch screen, can fold back and be used like a tablet and I have a dock w/large monitor and mouse on my desk when I want to sit there. Very easy to slip in my backpack and never a missing file unless I've deleted it.

    Packing? I layout a bunch of clothes 24h prior to departure, pull my toiletries from their homes, setting them on the counter and I walk away. An hour before bed the night before departure I pack my suitcase leaving the space for my (few) toiletries. I'm currently on day 6 of a 19d trip and the only thing missing is dental floss. Easy enough to buy ;-)

  2. I’m heading to a sewing camp in two weeks for a whole week - and know exactly what you mean about packing! I just worry I’ll run out of projects to sew! LOL
    Love the quilting on the baby quilt!!
    And that clingy girl senses you are about to be gone for awhile …they always know ❤️

  3. I have a written packing list. Since I started using this, I rarely forget anything.