Saturday, June 17, 2023

Do what YOU want to do!

 I'm happy to report that I'm back on track! Someone mentioned to me that I appear to be guilty of "wasting" time. I wouldn't say that's true -- I'm as happy as anyone to laze around the house, but it bugs me if I "waste" time because of lack of sleep or having to wait or whatever else that is beyond my control! If I'm in control of taking the day off, I'm good with that.

But all that to say that I had a great day yesterday! I had a visitor in the morning, and we had a good chat about everything and anything! And then I got to work, and I actually accomplished some things. I have a quilt top almost done, but it's for show and tell this morning, so you'll get to see it tomorrow. I even finished off a cone of thread, and it was easy enough to dig through my bin of piecing thread to find the next spool 

Cone of thread - gone

And I got a quilt quilted. We have our Jen Kingwell remedial class that is running all year long, and while there are some who signed up, whom we have never seen, others are making great progress at completing their quilts. I've already finished Boho Heart and Long Time Gone - both just needed to be quilted. My Wanderer's Wife also needed to be quilted, and here it is. 

Wanderer's Wife quilt - QUILTED!

So this one needs to be trimmed and bound, and then I have ONE Jen Kingwell quilt left, and that's Sweet Tea and Green Beans. I have blocks to finish, and then there's the border. So I expect to be busy with that for the remainder of the year. It's so fun to see all these quilts come together, and I expect the makers to be happy that it won't become a UFO. 

What I don't get is that some people feel that they have to sign up for EVERY class I teach, and that was never the intent. The intent was to offer people choices!!! But it appears that it's hard to make decisions, so I will make the choices for them. My goal is to have three sew-along classes next year - one at each of the two stores I work with and one on my own. Then there will be a handful of clubs. As I mentioned, many of them will disappear because I don't feel there is enough participation to warrant continuing them. By participating, I mean actually doing some work outside the class and not just attending. I keep saying that I need a piece of paper to write it all down, and I don't. That's a good task on the plane next week!

That means that all of us will be rattling around in our sewing spaces next year, but guess what? We will get to work on something that we PERSONALLY choose to work on! Yeah!!!!!

Nothing has been firmed up at the moment -- well, the scrappy quilt-along that I am running is a go - the rest is to be decided! Wait for it --- I hope to have everything in place soon enough, but only once this travel business is over! And that's in two more weeks!

This is a definite sew-along for later this year! 

So what's the story about Murphy and her ball? I threw it outside in the morning a couple of times, and within minutes, my kitchen floor looked like this! It had rained the night before, and she decided to track mud through the kitchen, and why not bring in a few leaves as well! Thank goodness, we are NOT fastidious about the condition of the floor. Heck - our ancestors lived with DIRT floors -- I think I can live with a wee bit of dirt. 

Mom -- just redecorating! 

I swear that the pond is her favorite thing in the backyard. That shrub makes a good hiding spot for the ball, and my aim (most times) is in the shrubs. 

Mom - just looking for the ball!

But when you can't find the ball with your eyes -- you use your nose!

MOM - I think it's UP in the trees

There is no lack of entertainment with Murphy around. Lexi, meanwhile, is asleep on the couch! 

MOM -- what a great morning! 

So I was out for my daily geocache and came upon this little wooded area. I've known it existed as it's right beside the dog park, but I never ventured inside. I expected to be bushwhacking, but there was a beaten path. It's close to a high school, so I had to endure walking past an amorous couple (gross!!). They were still upright, but still!

Another hidden gem in the city

The top of the container was gone, but I logged it anyway. 

The top is gone

That makes ten days in a row, which I don't think I've ever done, and yes, I got my virtual badge. I know -- how silly, but I don't care - it makes me happy, and there's a goal. I'm very goal-oriented. Some people really need or like the motivation that virtual challenges or virtual badges give them. What's sad is that many of their family members or friends ridicule them because of it. Seriously??? Who the heck are they to ridicule someone else's hobby? If you don't like what someone else is doing, and it's not affecting you -- then keep your nose out of their business. 

If they are getting out and getting active - then they deserve a virtual badge or a medal! I'm past the point of caring -- if someone thinks it's juvenile and I have family members who I'm certain would think that - do I care? Not in the least. It's MY business, not theirs. 

My virtual badge

It's too bad that peer pressure is what it is. Make that negative peer pressure! 

So I had to rent a car for next week and can you believe that I can rent a full-size truck for the same price as a car? I went with a car. I do not need to be driving around in some big truck! 

Rental prices

And speaking of Virtual Challenges, I did a bad thing. Well, it's not bad, but considering my knee. Anyway -- I signed up for a new challenge -- The Grand Canyon! I had a sense of "Disney" when I saw that they were going to retire The Grand Canyon challenge. NO - I haven't signed up for that one. I happened to have an extra code, so I signed up, but I've given myself loads of time to do it. I'm not pushing hard, and if I stay in the house and don't walk, I'll die! OK -- so I won't die, but my knee will seize right up, and then I'm doomed. So slow and steady is my new motto. 

It's something like 450 KM, so that's doable in a month and a half! Let's hope they don't start archiving a bunch of medals, or I'm in trouble! Look at the great views I'm going to have for the next couple of weeks. 

A view from the Grand Canyon

I have two of the three presentations for today done. I'm working on the last one, and then there are two tomorrow. I will NOT do this to myself again!!

OH -- so I still have over 5 hours in The Pearl Sister, and I can see why someone told me they didn't like the book. I was expecting the sister's bizarre personality to be the culprit, but it's the story. The relationships are a wreck! And if anything could go wrong - it does! It's a bit disheartening to think of what could have been. But -- I'm going to persevere because once you get sucked in, you want to know the connection! 

On that note, I'm out of here. I've got a super busy day, and I have a quick road trip to make and more quilts to quilt (already loaded on the long arm). 

Have a super day!


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  1. Car rental is interesting. Last year we had reserved a comfy larger car for our SE USA tour, as we would be driving over 2000 miles over 14 days. They offered us a huge Range Rover for the same price. My first ask was "how is it on gas mileage". Um, 12mpg. I said nope. I want the car I reserved but none ready. "We will wait". Low and behold in less than 5 minutes one came up from the car wash. We got our 30mpg as planned.

    I have finally put my studio back together after 3m of floor/paint/trim rework so I can get back to stitching!!!!