Saturday, June 10, 2023

Quilt Canada Day Two 2023

So glad to know I'm not the only one who gets off their game with the food thing and travel. I've just been "careless" about the sugar intake, and I'm not happy. But I made a start last night -- no cool beverage or dessert. I didn't miss it, and I felt much better. 

I'm happy to report that Day Two was almost as busy as Day One, which is great for a show, and let's hope that today (the last day) is as busy again. People are excited to get out to a quilt show, and I'm enjoying Halifax. It's a very cool city to visit. 

The day started with another walk and more geocaching. I walked along the harbourfront this time, and there is a beautiful boardwalk with fantastic artwork. 

This was one of my stops along the Adventure Lab and is a tribute to those who left Halifax for the World Wars. The monument is called The Last Steps, and the scene was quite fitting with all the fog yesterday morning. 

The Last Steps

There is a harbor beyond the end of the pier, but it was nowhere to be seen with all the fog, and from time to time, you could hear the fog horn of the ferry. It was eery but beautiful at the same time. 

I walked down to Pier 21, which is the location where many immigrants landed in Canada, and again, there were many monuments and artwork to celebrate. As the fog lifted, this was the scene on my way back to the hotel, which was very cool. On a nice day, when cruise ships come in, I imagine this area is bustling! I'm glad I got to experience it when it was almost empty. 

Here is the challenge piece I made for the show. The theme was Quilts Ahoy, and I used the Word Sculpt Wizard in the mySewnet embroidery software. Let's just say that there was a wee bit of learning involved in this, and I had to make three attempts before I got it the way I wanted. OK --- I screwed up the first time and added 30,000 unnecessary stitches to the piece. The second time, I made a spelling mistake (Thanks to Lorraine for catching it!), and the third time was a charm! 

My challenge piece

This was the blurb for the piece called Mine, Mine, Mine! 

And if you don't understand the reference to the title, this may help. And if that doesn't help, think "Finding Nemo." Anyway, I had great fun coming up with the design, and I wish I had completed the other two challenges I wanted to make, but I didn't, so let's move on! 

Seagulls are so possessive

I had a look at the TrendTex challenges, which are AMAZING. There are 60+ entries, and I bid on four of them, but I see that I was outbid on three, so I hope to go back and have a serious look at which ones I want and try again! 

Then I had another mission. Years ago, when I must have been in Atlantic Canada, I purchased a scratch lotto ticket. I know -- you didn't see that topic switch, did you? Well, I forgot the ticket, but it surfaced when I was cleaning, and I believe it's a winner -- maybe $25 if I'm lucky. I didn't realize it was not from Ontario and tried to claim it at a kiosk back home. 

When the kiosk couldn't scan it, I called Lotto Ontario. As I was on the phone with someone from Lotto Ontario, I realized my mistake and was told to send it to the head office for Atlantic Lotto. I brought the ticket to try and cash at a kiosk here. Well, imagine my surprise when I spotted this next door to the convention center. 

Atlantic Lotto

Yep -- turns out it's the head office for Nova Scotia. The first time I popped by yesterday, the office was closed for filming, so I returned later. The front desk couldn't scan the ticket either, but she offered to send it to the head office of Atlantic Lotto, which is in Moncton. So that got sent off, and let's see if I get my $25. It could take 6 - 8 weeks, so fingers crossed. 

It just makes the whole thing more exciting, and I remembered to bring the ticket and then get it to the office during their office hours!

I've been looking for a sunflower embroidery design, and imagine my surprise when yesterday I was looking through a book for the PFAFF creative 4.5, and there were TWO of them. So I must get a copy of them today to work on my project. Now I know why I stalled on that project -- because I hadn't found the right design yet!

I heard from a couple of friends about an art installation created by Andrea Tsang Jackson. It was within walking distance, so I headed out in the general direction after we finished dinner last night. It wasn't hard to miss as the installation covers the ENTIRE parking structure. 

An art installation on the Summer Street Parkade

All those panels are made with a wire mesh - actually, there were two kinds of wire mesh, and it's firmly secured to the structure, which opened earlier this year and is associated with the hospital across the street. 

The artwork is called In Conversation, and you can read more about it here. It's impressive to see, and it covers all sides of the structure. 

Then it was back to the hotel and off to bed. While I LOVE this location, it's a party city, and I've been awoken each night by something. Last night at 4 AM, a group of partygoers shouted as they found their way home! Sigh......

OK -- I'm off to get my geocache of the day. I've got a roll going here, and today will make four days in a row, and I need 20. I CAN DO IT. 

The show closes at 4 PM, and then we have the fun of tearing down, which is never as bad as setup!

Have a super day!


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