Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sleepless in Halifax

Seriously??? It's way past my bedtime, and I'm wide awake? Why? Because my hotel room faces a bustling night spot in the city, and the music is blaring, and I don't do well with music at night. I remember one campground we stayed at when we were cycling; someone was playing music, and even with earplugs, I couldn't sleep. The next day wasn't fun! 

Party Central in Halifax

So what is one going to do? I could lay in bed and hope to fall asleep, but I'm restless as all get out, so that isn't going to work. So I went geocaching at night. I know -- what an idiotic thing to do, but why not? At least I got my FIVE consecutive days in and a virtual badge for that achievement, so it was worth the adventure! 

It was an easy one where you had to take a picture of yourself by a certain art sculpture. I knew where the sculpture was -- just down the hill from the hotel, and the idea was to take a creative picture. I do NOT do selfies well, but how about this? 

My shadow

OK -- so here's a picture of the sculpture and my shadow. 

My shadow on The Wave

I thought that was pretty creative for the middle of the night, and even though there were a few people around, I wasn't going to ask them to take a picture of me! 

OK -- these scooters are EVERYWHERE! I almost ran over this one. 

Scooter for rent

And there's my Virtual Badge for five consecutive days of geocaching! 

My virtual badge

Can I do another five days to get the medium virtual badge? Can I do another 15 days to get the challenge virtual badge? Let's see what happens!

Remember the photo I posted of The Last Steps monument along the waterfront? Well, here's what it looks like where there is no fog. The difference between the two photos is incredible!!!

NO fog today

Look at what I saw this morning along the waterfront, which is heavily populated with restaurants. This one allows doggies on the patio. Can you imagine Murphy and Lexi on a patio with other people and other dogs? It wouldn't be pretty -- Murphy would be barking her head off, and we'd be asked to leave! 

Doggie friendly restaurant

This is St. Georges Island in Halifax Harbor. I couldn't see it the previous morning because of the fog. 

St. Georges Island

I love the name of this restaurant!! 

In case you are wondering about the hill in Halifax, there are many hills, but this is the one I have to walk up and down to get to the waterfront. It's very steep, and I must say that with my walking pace, I'm winded when I arrive. But my fitness level allows me to recover very quickly. 

The Hill

And I spotted a Free Library along the way. I had no books to exchange, so I took a picture and moved along. 

Free library

So did anything exciting happen at the quilt show? We were busy right until the end -- I've never seen a show like this before. It was BUSY!!! Before the show started, I went to the center a bit early to help in the classroom, and then I zipped around the vendor mall to see what was there. I spotted one item I wanted to buy, but they sold out within hours on the first day! You have to wait to see it, but it's stunning. 

I also had a few minutes to visit the National Juried Show before the show opened. I managed to grab a few pictures for my Monday sewing group. All I can say is that the quality of the quilts would blow you away. 

OH MY GOD -- can it be true? The music has stopped!!! Yes -- I'm writing this in the middle of the night because I can't sleep. We have a very early morning flight, so I think I'll just crawl into bed for an hour or so, and I'm not changing at this point. 

I always buy one of the Trendtex challenges, and this year, look what I snagged!!!

Sue Sherman, myself, and her Trendtex challenge

This is a Sue Sherman original. Sue won the Best of Show award and is a fantastic quilter/artist. Her theme surrounds endangered animals, and well -- she is amazing. As she was standing near her Best of Show piece, I managed to get a photo with her after I picked up the piece. I feel very fortunate to have been able to purchase this piece. I can't wait to get it home!

The teardown was crazy as usual, and yep -- we were the last ones to leave the floor. Nothing new there! It took five hours to disassemble the booth and get everything packed to be shipped wherever the items were going. That job is NOT for the faint of heart, to be sure. It's a physically grueling job, and my knee was a bit stiff, but nothing I couldn't handle. And then there are pills and alcohol to soften the blow. 

Not that I'm a regular drinker or drug user! You're going to think the worst of me! 

And I figured out why I couldn't connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and was using Margaret's. I was logged out because she checked out earlier today - she lives here, so she got to go home tonight. But I also got my bill for the room, and they misspelled my name! As soon as I also misspelled my name, I was connected again! 

OK -- while the music has quietened, the partygoers are still having a blast. What must the tourists do in this room in the summer? Should I stay here again, I shall ask for a room on a different side of the hotel! 

Well, I'm off to try and get at least one hour of sleep before we meet to get a cab to the airport. 

Have a super day!!


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  1. We went to Bellingham, Washington State for our granddaughter's graduation. So we were in a hotel on Friday night and, even though they had 3 reservations with our last name, we had strangers on both sides. One side, perfect neighbors. The other side, not so perfect. They were talking so loudly, for hours, that neither my husband or I could sleep. Finally, we thought they were done, and I managed to get to sleep. But according to my husband, they started up again, so he got much less sleep than I did. Luckily, our son was driving and decided not to stay an extra night. So we slept in our own bed last night.
    I powered through two days of walking long distances on my bad knee and hurt so much today. However, it was worth it to be at our granddaughter`s graduation and not be a burden on anyone. Our grandson is only 5, so who knows what shape we will be in by then! My knees and other joints are in such bad shape because of arthritis, so while I do my best to be active, sometimes that is difficult!.
    Best sweet moment, aside from watching her walk across the stage, was when our granddaughter had her picture taken, in the same place, and duplicating the same pose as her aunt (our daughter.) There was a lot of laughter and joking about if our grandson would do the same pose in about 16 years.
    I loved your pictures with your shadow!
    Enjoy sleeping in your own bed tonight!