Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Travel day -- yet again!

Another day - another city - another time zone. 

But first --- look at the Murphy! She's an attention seeker, to be sure, as I was trying to play ball with her and accidentally threw the ball into the pond - I would NOT make a good baseball player, to be sure. I grabbed the net, rescued the ball, and tossed it -- into the flowers, and she took that as an invitation to plop down. 

MOM -- thanks for the cozy spot!

Oh, Murphy --- you are a funny girl, and there's never a dull moment when you're around! To her - the entire backyard is her playground! 

I knew this was going to happen, and I even looked it up on (GASP) - my "favorite" online store to get a replacement, but the little strap finally broke on my Fitbit. So as I'm trying to pack, I also ended up ordering some replacements. Do I need four of them? Probably not! But I got four coming. While I was there, I also ordered something else (yep -- two things from my favorite online store in one day) - the world is surely coming to an end. 

The little rubber strap holder broke

Here's the thing about ordering online. I have ZERO issues with people buying online and even ordering from that particular store. What I dislike is that people go there FIRST and ONLY. I had checked locally for the other item I want, and I couldn't find it, so I had no choice. But it's rare that I order from them, and only things that I can't get elsewhere. The way the world is going is that we are soon going to have NO CHOICE but to order things from them. It's already happening!

I also had to order a pattern from a store on the other side of Toronto, so I had it shipped. And I have one box coming that I shipped to myself from Sask, so it'll be like Christmas when I get home!

I managed to get some tidying up done as I had no choice as I packed for this trip. 

What? The cutting table is clear!

It all got jammed onto this sewing table, so that'll be a job to get organized at some point. 

Some serious sorting needs to happen

Holy -- the air was thick with smoke yesterday, and the smell was so strong, I honestly thought my neighbor had his chimenea working. Nope, that would be smoke from the fires in several provinces. It's very scary, and it's tinder dry. 

Hazy morning

I know that some of the fires are started due to nature, but many are intentionally or unintentionally started by us! What is wrong with people who think it's OK to throw lit cigarettes out of cars, or they leave a campfire burning, or whatever. Common sense? It seems that many have lost their common sense and their respect for each other and our environment. 

The other day when I was walking, I spotted this plane in the air, and then I spotted it at the airport. This is one that you do NOT miss. It's HUGE, and I think it flies once a day around 3 PM. 

The A380 Emirates plane

OH --- just for fun, I "booked" a ticket in First Class. That's a cool $20,000 CDN return!!! Check out their website for this A380 plane. Hard to believe you are on a plane. 

And after only a 40-minute delay, our plane was off, and the next thing you know, we arrived. It was a hoot when we arrived as everyone connected to their phone service; we all got an emergency alert telling us that the evacuation orders had been rescinded!!


Margaret picked me up, and we had a tour of her gorgeous apartment and then a quick tour of Halifax and finally arrived at the hotel. 

The point in Pleasant Park, Halifax

Halifax appears to be a brewpub kind of town. And yes -- I was awoken by a big truck delivering or picking up a ton of beer kegs at some ridiculous time of the morning! 

Well, I'm off to get in a walk and an Adventure Lab before I meet the rest for breakfast and then off to the convention center to set up for Quilt Canada. 

I ran into three people I knew on my flight. I got to meet Cathy from our Zoom calls and her sister, whom I met in Regina two weeks ago. I ran into Anne, who I know from one of the guilds back home. Small world!

Have a super day!!!! OH -- if you want to be part of Quilt Canada and can't be here -- the awards ceremony will be streamed on Facebook tonight



  1. Ah we share the dissatisfaction of online shopping and "that" store when all other possibilities fail us. Wishing you a fabulous time in Halifax. It looks blissfully glorious!

  2. Many years ago, a child in my family broke her watch band. They couldn't find a replacement band, so I made one out elastic. They later found a band, but the child liked my version better. She was lucky that her watch was made in such a way that I could "fix" it. Most aren't!