Thursday, June 1, 2023

Time marches on

Now that Mom and Dad have made THE decision about the farm, it's time for them to figure out the next steps. And Dad just dives right in, so hopefully, the next conversations can happen with potential buyers, and we will be rid of the entire problem soon enough. I don't want things to drag out --- just say we no longer have access to that house, and we can all move on!! 

That day will be sad, but time marches on, there will be many memories, and we are not the first to sell a property. Let's just say that everything went smoothly -- almost too smoothly. They had done their homework, we confirmed that, and offered some extra advice and, well, onto the next step! I have to say that was more than I expected to happen while we were here. 

OK -- things with parents NEVER go as smoothly as you think they will. Let's say the above is a VERY abbreviated way of how things happened. I prefer not to go into details to "protect" them! And that's all I'm going to say! I guess that is all part of the memories! 

I ran around all day doing various things. Let's say that I'm not a laundromat person. I'm sure my SIL cringes at my "wing-it" lifestyle. But life is too short to plan every little detail, and where's the fun when things aren't as you expect them to be? I LOVE coming up with Plan B at the spur of the moment -- that's what makes me happy!

I arrived at the laundromat without cash and without detergent. My laundromat back home (I think) takes credit cards (to get change), and I swear they have detergent you can buy. I arrived to find that I needed cash to get change, and there was no detergent. Off to the bank to pull out some $5 bills and then to the grocery store to get detergent. 

Back to the laundromat and load the two large comforters. Hmm -- I started to insert the coins but realized afterward that I was supposed to select the settings FIRST and then insert the number of coins requested. ACK! So I went to the small grocery store next door to talk to the owner. They exchanged my quarters (the only change the machine gave, so that was NOT entirely my fault!) for loonies, which the washer takes. 

OK --- back to the laundromat, and I got one machine going, and the owner popped by to help because some of the coins were jamming. He must have thought I was an idiot! And he wasn't far off! 

I had brought my lunch with me and ate lunch while the washers ran. 

Cinderella watching the washers

The dryers were easy and needed quarters, of which I had lots. But I got lucky with the dryers -- I always forget that there is a BIG arrow pointing up or down on the control panel as the controls for the upper and lower and side by side. I had a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right! I scored on that one! 

The dryers!

And soon enough, all that was done. Phew -- I managed. Now I need to do the same thing when I get home as I have a few things I need to get washed, and I must schedule it. But I'm educated now, and I'll have no issues! Hey --- it's a story, and it was an adventure! It's good that I'm very flexible and go with the flow. 

There's a new dinosaur in town! A Triceratops. The scrap metal company in Saskatoon also has a location here, and this art sculpture was just brought in last week. It's amazing to see the artistry in this. How they sculpted the head and the body. Stunning. I told you that they love metal art here in Saskatchewan, and I'm sure every farm person knows how to use a welder!

Another metal sculpture

And it's HUGE, as you can see by the size of my foot next to the dinosaur. 

Big feet

So that was extra excitement in the day! Yes -- I popped out to do a couple of geocaches to get that quota for the month, and I have TWO more to go. Many are lost around here, loads that I can't find, and then there are those in the grass! Do I really want to walk in the grass and under the trees with all the darn ticks around? 

Can you spot the geocache?

I found one on me later in the day. Before you get squeamish about the ticks, Ontario has a worse situation than Saskatchewan does, but they are NOT as prevalent in the city, but that beautiful forest of "mine" probably has them! One must be diligent and look for the BLACK-legged ones -- those are the bad ones. The rest are just annoying and hard to squish. 

I popped into Fabricland to see what they had. Prices are high, but not worse than in previous years. About $27 per meter, and members get anywhere from 35 to 55 percent off. So not a bad deal. But I didn't buy anything as I don't have room in my suitcase. OH -- I have room, but I'm at the maximum weight limit. I have a few small things that I'm taking home, but those will go in the carry-on, and with any luck, I can check that at the gate, and I won't have to worry about putting it in the overhead bin! 

Sale for members

I even saw two fabrics with bicycles, and I didn't buy either. I didn't buy anything! I was exploring on behalf of my mom. She wants me to make some caftans, and I wanted to check out the jersey. I found a pattern, which I'll order today, and then I'll find similar fabrics when I get home. 

Bicycle fabric

Then I picked up one of my aunts, and we went to visit another aunt. This is a sad but not uncommon situation as the one aunt is now confined to a lockdown ward because of dementia. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she knew me and my name, and we had a great conversation that lasted for several hours. She knows that she can't remember some details -- gosh -- I couldn't remember some details and seem to mix up things at times. Hey -- my brain is so full that things need to jostle around in there to get them straight. 

Their mother also ended up with dementia, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stops with them! But it's a terrible disease, and I know that it's going to get worse as time goes on. She would love to go home, but that is out of the question, and I assume she is on medication, so with the exception of forgetting a few details, she seems just like her old self and had no problem holding a conversation. 

Here's some advice (as if I have the right since I have ZERO experience with this), but I went with someone for that visit. I knew that it would be hard for Margaret and me to have a proper visit -- we don't see each other long enough or often enough to make that a comfortable thing. However, with a third person there, it's easy to keep the conversation going. So if you are shying away from visiting someone, take a friend or someone they know. 

I can't imagine how lonely she must be as we checked the guest book, and while people are visiting, there are many days when no one stops by. She's also a sewist (most of my mom's siblings are), and she misses her serger! I do NOT ever want to be in that position. Let's hope! 

She seems to be well taken care of by the staff, who popped in constantly to see if she needed anything -- juice? cookie? and just to say HI, so that was very nice, and hopefully, she doesn't sit in her room by herself. She was NOT in her room when we arrived. It was suppertime when we left, and we passed the other wards as they were eating. This is a nursing home, and so help me god -- I NEVER want to end up there! If I do, then I hope I have no clue what is going on around me! 

Well, I'm off for more adventures today, but nothing as complicated as the laundromat! Oh my --- 

This is my last full day here, and I have a couple more people to visit.

Have a super day!!!


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