Monday, June 12, 2023

Home Again

 Well, that was an interesting trip home. I traveled to the airport with two people from my group, and we had loads of time to have breakfast and get to the gate. The airport was pretty much deserted when we arrived; our flight was 7 AM. The plane left on time, although I was fast asleep before the plane left the gate. 

Yep -- I do NOT do well on sleepless or near-sleepless nights. I had an aisle seat which is unusual for me, and of course, I was in the row where people needed to go to the washroom. Poor them! But I did wake up twice, so they made it out!

And yes -- I was able to check my carry-on at the gate, leaving it at the door of the plane so I didn't have to worry about finding a spot for it when I got to my seat. But the fact that you can now board in Zone 2 takes away all that stress anyway! 

The luggage arrived pretty quickly, and then I was in an Uber on the way home. I had two Zooms in the morning and was able to make both of them - just! I know -- totally chaos, but that's OK. I am now realizing that my inbox for Outlook is having issues, and I'm getting a message that I need to delete some files, but it won't let me delete files. 

The inbox is stuck on last week, so there will be NO pictures this morning. 

Murphy was beyond herself when I arrived. Holy -- I was NOT away that long, but in her eyes, I was gone forever. 

Things were pretty quiet around here while I was gone, except our Princess Lexi decided to go on an adventure on her own. Two days ago, DH was in the house and heard a knock on the door. A man was standing there with the Princess on a leash. Yep - it appeared that the side gate was unlatched. At one point, the wind must have blown it open, and she decided to go for a walk. She would NEVER have pushed the gate open herself. The gate could have swung shut, and she was trapped, so she did what Huskies know best -- she jumped the second gate, and he found her in the forest. 

Of course, she's docile as ever for others to catch, and thankfully, her home address is on her dog tag. Someone called me while I was away, but I didn't answer it, and I think he may have tried to call. I think it's hilarious that she needs her address and a phone number, but it's come in handy on more than one occasion.  

I ended up having a wee nap (in the gazebo, of course), and then by 8 PM, I NEEDED to go to bed. However, I did something I hadn't done in years. I lay on the couch and watched TV. What? I was watching the end of the PGA Open and saw that incredible 72-foot putt by a Canadian. It really was a magical moment. He deserved to win after playing four playoff holes, and his opponent gave up two really good chances to win. 

I can't say that I did anything earth-shattering yesterday. I didn't even tidy anything up. Well, the Zooms didn't finish until almost 1 PM, and then a walk, a nap, and that pretty much filled up the day. 

Today is our Monday sewing, and then I have to get back to work. I'm at Groovy Threads in Trenton tomorrow and home the rest of the week, but loads to do, so it'll be heads-down for the rest of the week. 

OK -- so it appears that the hiccup on the email is now fixed. Sometimes that thing glitches and is very unreliable. Of course, it is -- it's technology and me! 

I don't have time to put the pictures in now, as I'm off to spin class, and I see that it's raining outside. No worries, we desperately need the rain. 

Murphy stuck to my side when I was on Zoom! Poor thing she was beside herself, and I'm happy to report that her head wound is healing nicely! WAIT -- here's one picture for you! 

MOM -- thank goodness you're home - I MISSED you! 

I'll be puttering today as I need to unpack the suitcases and repack for tomorrow. and then start prepping for when I'm in Winnipeg next week. So if you live near Winnipeg, check out the classes at Carellen's

Tomorrow at Groovy Threads, I'll be doing applique and garment sewing techniques, which are popular these days! If you are in the area  --- here's the info on the Applique class, and here's the information on the Garment sewing techniques. 

Well, I'm off to get to the gym -- that will be tough as I haven't been there in a couple of weeks. Ouch! 

Have a super day! 


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