Thursday, June 15, 2023

Snooze fest

OH! Nothing went as planned yesterday, although I did get some things done. However, I admit I was as lazy as a slug and had several LONG naps. I guess the age factor is finally creeping in, and my recovery from long travel days and late nights is getting longer! Mind you, I barely slept that last night in Halifax, which for me, is a killer, and my body was trying to catch up. Then the long day and drive on Tuesday didn't help. 

I spent part of the day looking for some specific photos, only to realize that they could be recreated in EQ8, so I quickly did that and got that task off my plate. It was easy once I got myself on track. 

I decided to walk to the Dr. office. While the knee gives me grief, it's mostly for sitting down, getting up, and doing stairs. The walking is good for me and the knee! If I stopped doing things because I had pain in that joint? I'd be lying in bed all day! It was a pleasant walk, and I took it a bit slower than usual, and yes, I stopped at the mall to get my geocache for the day. That makes eight days in a row or something like that. 

Yes, it's quite possible the meniscus in the knee is torn again, so I got a requisition for X-rays and ultrasound. I popped down to the clinic in the same building and imagine my surprise when 10 minutes later, the X-rays were done! Yep --- there is ZERO lineup for X-rays, but the ultrasound? That's another story. They said to check back next week rather than give me an appointment. I think I was so shocked that I could get the X-ray so quickly that I didn't question it. 

The doctor said I was way overdue for a physical, so that is scheduled for later today. I guess I'm going to get a whole pile more requisitions for blood work and, gosh knows what else, but I might as well get it done. Technically, it's "free!"

I've no idea when I can get to see the surgeon for the knee since he'll likely want to see both the X-ray and the ultrasound, and that is NOT looking good for my trip. I've got to make some serious decisions soon. 

But everyone was happy with my new health card, and the doctor's office, which was pretty blase about using the old one for the longest time, said she didn't think anyone was accepting it any longer. Well, it sounds like I will make good use of mine in the next little while. 

Did I get any quilting done? Any tidying up? NOTHING else got accomplished except the visit to the Dr and the recreation of that file. 

Now I have a meeting this morning, and I need a specific piece of paper for that, which I cannot find, so guess what I'll be doing as soon as I finish walking the dogs. And after rifling through the boxes of paperwork waiting to be attended to, it is not encouraging. But that should be another lesson as I plan events for the fall --- do NOT take on a whole lot if I don't have the time to do the proper follow-up. And that goes for other things as well. 

The problem is that everything I touch takes so long to deal with, and there's usually a technology issue involved at some point. 

The only pictures I took were of Murphy! She's such a hoot and is always getting in trouble. 

When we returned from our walk, she had something on her head -- sap from a tree, perhaps? So rather than taking the time to wash it out, as Lexi was waiting and not patiently, I might add, I took the scissors and cut it out. She won't notice! 

MOM -- don't cut my bangs! 

Then when I was having a snooze fest on the sofa, she was quiet, but after a while, she came to check if I was still alive! 

MOM -- are you OK? 

And let's not forget about playing ball. She was waiting patiently; how could I refuse to play with her for a bit. 

Mom -- can we play ball? Please? 

And then she did sit quietly in the backyard for a bit. 

MOM - just being a good dog for a bit!

And there is the happy girl, with the quilt out of the dog bed and playing ball alone. 

MOM -- I love playing with the ball

And lastly, she got a treat to snuggle with Mom on the sofa during the second snooze feast! But don't tell Dad! He wasn't home. 

MOM -- I hope you're feeling better soon! I LOVE YOU!

And that wraps up the day. I have phone calls to make, quilts to quilt, and paperwork to do. I'll do what I can, but when I need to sleep, everything else is secondary. Hopefully, I won't need more than a 25-minute nap today, if I even need one. 

Have a super day!!


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  1. You are one busy lady! Wish I had half your energy but following you gives me motivation to just get busy! 😁