Sunday, June 4, 2023

It's GOOD to be back home again!

I'm back! There was no way a blog was going to happen yesterday -- I was exhausted!

I had a last visit with my Mom and Dad on Friday morning and then headed to the airport. I knew before I left that the plane was late, but I didn't say anything as I needed that time to prepare my presentations for yesterday. 

My brothers and I had been talking about where in your house to go if there was a tornado, and well, if you are at the Saskatoon Airport --- you don't have to worry --- head to the washroom! 

Tornado shelter at the airport

Returning the car and checking the luggage (even many hours before the flight) was easy. Then I found a table and an electrical outlet and set up my computer to work. You have to love having access to free Wi-Fi almost anywhere because it means you can work from anywhere. And if you don't have access to Wi-Fi, you can always use your phone to hotspot! 

At one point, I was hungry, so I moved to a restaurant, found a table with an electrical outlet, and continued working. I do have batteries in that laptop, but I prefer it if I can plug it in. 

Dinner while you work

And then I was as done as I was going to be. 

It turns out that Air Canada had a computer issue (the second time in ONE week), and the plane was late coming from Toronto, but at least it arrived, and the flight was NOT canceled. One must look for the silver lining in every situation! Canceling would be bad -- late is OK. So the plane was there, and the crew was there, but where the heck are those pilots? They arrived a bit late, but we were already late, so what's a few more minutes? 

The plane has arrived! 

OK -- so here's a little tip for you. I've mentioned it before. With the fare I purchase, and I can't remember what it is -- flex or something like that, you're allowed ONE checked bag for free. In this case, that was my sample suitcase. Then I carry my carry-on bag and a backpack on board. And for some reason, I've been getting Zone 5 boarding, which is alright, but finding a spot for the carry-on becomes an issue. 

Most flights these days are full, so they ask for volunteers to check their luggage at the gate. Hey -- if I have to wait for one bag, I might as well wait for two. So I get the gate people to give me a tag for my carry-on bag. I drop it just before getting on the plane; all I have to carry is my backpack. You do NOT need to pay for that second bag, and you now get to load the aircraft in Zone 2!!!! 

So I almost always do that now. Saves money and the hassle of finding a spot in the overhead bins. And if you don't do it voluntarily, they start making you check it as you board in the higher zones, so you might as well do it upfront. The more you pay for your seat, the fewer hassles you get! But there are ways to work around that little issue! 

At last, we were in the air, but it still took time to get loaded and away from the gate. And OH MY GOD -- we had a talker on the plane behind me. The guy did NOT shut up the entire flight. I'm usually good at sleeping on the plane, but I could not even though it was late, and for some reason, I found the seat very uncomfortable. Usually, I'm good. I did a few leg stretches before I got up, and I was good to go! 

We got stopped on the tarmac in Toronto THREE times due to construction and whatever else, but we finally arrived at the gate. By this time, it was 1:30 AM, and I expected the airport to be quiet. Nope --- it was CRAZY, as I suspect many other planes were late. I didn't realize there was a major computer issue - I thought it was just my flight that was delayed. I found out the next morning. 

The luggage hall was crowded at 1:30 AM

After locating the appropriate luggage carousel and taunting us with it going round and round but no luggage coming out, we started to get bags. But there was already luggage from a previous flight on it, so it was a mess, and our luggage was now on top of the other luggage, so you had to grab and haul it off the carousel. Oh well -- the luggage came. Who cares if it's a bit more work. 

The carousel already has luggage on it

I know there would be people who would have been irked about that entire trip, but what are you going to do? It's part of life, and you can look at the world as half empty (SAD and DEPRESSING - in my humble opinion), or you just go with the flow and fill that glass half  FULL and enjoy the fact that you are alive and able to travel or do what you want! 

Glad that wasn't my suitcase on top

OK -- got the suitcases and out to the Uber pickup, and that was total CHAOS as people were trying to find their car. I think some people order their Uber before they arrive, so the cars have to wait for the people. I mentioned it to my driver, and he suspects that people get lost. The Uber pickup is a special place, and most people don't know where it is. I had trouble finding it the first time, but now, I know exactly where to go. 

Thankfully, there were loads of Uber drivers. For some reason, the first car I ordered arrived and then just disappeared. Not sure what happened, so I had to request a second car. It was fitting for what the rest of the trip had been like! 

It was almost 3 AM when I arrived home. Let's say the girls were beside themselves. WAIT -- let me rephrase that. Muprhy was beside herself. 

Mom's HOME!!!!!

Lexi? OH, she turned her back on me and went outside for 15 minutes before deciding to say HI! That girl is a princess, for sure! 

MOM -- I'm ready to say HI now

Murphy was just happy! I was exhausted, and within 15 minutes, I was in bed, and it took persistence from Murphy to rouse me from bed yesterday because it was AFTER the time when they need to be let out for their morning business. 

I never even heard my alarm. I did get the three Zooms done, and then I went back to bed for a couple of hours, and now I'm back on schedule! Yeah!

I discovered that Murphy had a large gash on her head. Oh, dear. She scraped it on something, but she'll be fine. 

MOM -- I got HURT! 

Now I think I know what happened. That darn dog and her STUPID ball. She's back to her old tricks, and I spotted her sitting in the corner by the deck. Princess Lexi just lays around, soaking up the sun. 

MOM -- I need help!

After a few barks, I realized what had happened. Murphy is back to her "trick" of dropping the ball in the gap between the deck and another board so it rolls just under the edge of the deck, where she can't reach it. 

The ball under the deck

I see she has taken to digging since no one was here to rescue the ball for her. Do we know where she scraped her face? Yep -- probably here! Or under the gazebo trying to get a rabbit. 

MOM -- I can dig the ball out!

That dog has ADHD for sure, and I finally had to take the ball away from her because I'd dig it out, and she INTENTIONALLY dropped it again. 

MOM -- see, I don't drop it every time! 

Lots more happened yesterday, but that's all I have time for. And yes -- to quote John Denver -- It's Good to be Back Home Again! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Air travel is what it is. Getting angry and cranky and loud changes nothing. (I started my day at 0400 in an airport-couldn't get so much as a sip of water let alone coffee). But it is what it is and I am home too!

    Oh Murphy, you're lucky to live w/Elaine. Others might not tolerate your antics ;-)