Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Travel day woes

You will think I dropped off the face of the earth. No -- it's called a horrible travel day!

I took the second last flight to Winnipeg, so I could get stuff done at home, and I didn't need to be here early. I had a great day - I spent part of the day with the Monday sewing group and got a few things done. I finished packing, and all within my weight limit. By taking a slightly larger than my usual carry-on (but still within limits), I can fill half that case with samples! And if you keep the samples small, you don't need an extra bag! 

Then I ran out of things to do! WHAT? Well, there was time, but not enough to get started on anything, so I vegged out. And played ball with Murphy. She doesn't want to give up! 

Here are the two culprits after our morning walk. It was a bit warm, and they were both panting, although Muprhy pants after the walk, even on the coldest days. She gets herself so worked up!

Lexi and Murphy

I was about to request a ride to the airport when I got a message saying the plane was delayed by almost 2 hours. Great -- so I now have another two hours to kill. 

So Murphy, let's play ball! I had a nap, and then I decided to get productive with my time. I pulled out my notebook and wrote down all the classes and Zoom sessions that I'm currently running. WOW -- there are many, and this is crazy. Of course, events like the Virtual Retreat and Monday sewing require minimal prep, and if I can't make the event, it's not the end of the world. By the way, there is a Virtual Retreat this weekend!!! I'll post the links on Wednesday. Saturday evening from 6 - 9 PM and then Sunday starting at NOON. All times are EST. 

Then I looked at the classes, some of which are now finished. Yeah! 

And I nixed a couple for next year, and I consolidated a couple, and well, it doesn't look like I've eliminated a whole bunch, but the way I set it up -- I think it'll make a big difference. Now I have time to think about it before it becomes set in stone, but I needed to get it on paper. And I need to get in touch with some stores to make sure they are on board. 

I think the offerings are great and will provide something for everyone. 

OK -- so back to the travel day. The Uber driver didn't get out to help with my bags, so that's a lot less tip than I usually provide. It was a woman, which is OK, but I don't think she knew where she was going as she had her GPS on to go to the airport. Surely, she's been to the airport before? And got into the wrong lane, which was very clearly marked. She was NOT new. 

I love my NEXUS card; it takes me through security in seconds, no laptop out; I just plop stuff in the bin and walk through. Also, bag check-in is a breeze. And it's always fun to watch your checked bag go through, knowing that the weight is fine. Otherwise, it gets rejected. 

I arrive at the gate to find it still says Kelowna. OK -- so we wait and wait. Then there's a gate change, so a bunch of us get up and move. The new gate says Vancouver, and they haven't even started boarding yet. This is NOT good. And eventually, there was a third gate change, and there was still a plane there to somewhere. I forget where. 

While waiting at the TO airport, I got my geocache of the day. You see, one has to think ahead and see where you will be and what geocaches or adventure labs are available. I knew there was an adventure lab at the airport -- there's one at most airports. It requires just answering questions. Here's a shot of the original airport in TO. Hilarious. 

The original airport in Toronto

Our departure time kept getting pushed back. The plane was coming in from Florida, where they had wicked storms all day. At last, the crew and the plane arrived, and we started boarding. The plane was full, and even though they didn't ask people to check their carry-on, I did. 

OMG --- there were two talkers on the plane, and this time -- they were right beside me. But I didn't engage with them -- well, a few pleasantries, but could I sleep? No -- that incessant chatter nearly drove me to drink! And when I'm tired, I get a restless leg, so I squirmed in my seat the entire way. The good news is that I wasn't stiff when we finally arrived in Winnipeg. I did listen to one chapter in my audiobook - thanks to Helen Anne, I now have the book downloaded, so I don't need to be connected to WiFi. 

Except for our flight, the Winnipeg airport was pretty much deserted. 

Empty airport

Then off to get a car and finally to the hotel. I think I fell into bed at 12:30 and had a great sleep and a long one, so hopefully, today will be great, as my classes are in the afternoon and evening. 

So I'm off to get my adventure lab in for the day, and I might also take a walk to get another cache. Just to say that I went for a walk. 

I have to switch hotels as I could only get a room for one night, so that is done also. There are a LOT of sold-out hotels in this city. Is there a convention, and no one told me? 

Have a super day!!



  1. OMG, my last flight that was 3.5h plus the runway time......2 talkers next to me. I wasn't trying to sleep but seriously, how do strangers talk that damn long?