Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Time flies!

Where did yesterday go? After Monday's sewing, I went for a walk, then got stuck on the computer with the support team from Microsoft. 

Can you tell me why this happened? My e-mail got stuck on my desktop but worked fine on my laptop and phone. I got an error message to delete some files because I exceeded my limit. OK -- I get that, but then I couldn't delete anything. So why is that? And why was it working fine on the other devices? 

I never got an answer to any of those questions, but they did something on my desktop (enlarged my capacity - where? I've no idea), but the bottom line is that it's working again. And YES -- I need to delete some files. I need to be ruthless and get rid of lots, and I need to unsubscribe as well. OK -- that's for another day, but I must do it as there are many old e-mails from classes several years back, and I really do not need to keep them. 

So not only do we need to keep our physical clutter under control, but the digital stuff as well, and I know I've got a mess!

That took a long time to fix, and I swear, these support people have a script they follow, and if you veer off that script, they are lost. It's annoying, but since they fixed the problem, I'm OK with the veering! 

My new bands for my FitBit were waiting for me when I arrived home. I couldn't buy just one new band; I had to buy a package of four. 

New watch bands

After getting out my reading glasses to read the fine print and a wee bit of "struggle," I managed to get the old band off. Now, technically the old band was just fine -- it was the little rubber holder for the end of the band that broke! What is that thing called, I wonder? Anyway, the new bands had TWO each of that little gizmo. 

The new gizmo for my Fitbit

I didn't need to swap out the band; I just wanted that little band thing. So I only switched half the band! I know -- how silly is that? But in chatting with some of the group on Monday sewing, I'm not alone. I should sell the extras of those little bands, and I could pay for the entire package I bought! 

Swapped half the band

AHA --- I just did some research to discover that I can buy just the little gizmo, a watch band safety buckle! Shoot -- if I had known, I would have just purchased those!!! I did NOT need new bands! And I'm not changing them just to have a new color. That's just silly -- well, it is for me! 

I put the second safety buckle in the bag, and it's stored where I'll find it. I know what you're thinking --- it's too safe of a place. Actually, it's with all my charging codes, so I should be able to see it there. 

I didn't get much done yesterday, but I cleaned up some things and emptied a bag. Yeah!!! 

An empty bag!

I also got my bags packed for my two events at Groovy Threads in Trenton today. Remember, the topics are Adventures in Applique and Garment Sewing Techniques! Both are excellent topics, and I have much information to share! 

Once today is done, I'm home for FIVE days, and I'll spend most of that time prepping for the classes (5 of them this weekend). But the prep won't be so bad, and it'll allow me some time to sit and sew, which I haven't done in a while! 

Let's not forget the geocaching! On my afternoon walk, I got this one which was pretty easy! Typically the caches in trees are hard to find, but this one was pretty obvious, and it's very close to my house! But it looks like an innocent birdhouse! 

A geocache

I don't usually post political things, but this was an interesting read that puts a new perspective on people's lives in our country. I won't write the details so my blog isn't flagged in a search. But the article was written by a retired RCMP officer about crime and punishment in the prairies. It's quite interesting, and I grew up in the area where this happened, and even to a teenager, many of the things mentioned were extremely visible. The sad thing is that forty-some years later, the situation hasn't changed. 

I'm sad to say that I missed the lilacs in the gazebo. They were done by the time I got home, but I did get to see the peony in all its glory, although the much-needed rain almost killed it yesterday. 

The peony is in full bloom

The lilies continue to run rampant. There is ZERO maintenance required for those plants. 

The water lilies

And the roses are just starting to bloom. 

The roses starting to bloom

Well, I'm off to double-check my presentations, get everything packed, and be off! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I unpacked my last box yesterday. We have now replaced 100% of the flooring, doors, trim in our home as well as painted every inch of wall/ceiling. It's been a long 3 month 'slog' but at last, my studio is put back together and I can once again sew. (and there was a 19 day travel in there too).

    Cheers to emptying containers and putting stuff away!

    Happy Tuesday :-)

    1. Holy!!!!! Replace the flooring, trim, doors and paint? I want you to come to my house!!! That's a huge job -- did you do it yourselves? And what flooring did you have and what do you have now?

  2. For future reference - you may not need to purchase a watch band safety buckle when it breaks. I just applied Super Glue to my broken buckle, and it’s been working fine for 5 months now.