Thursday, June 8, 2023

Set up day is the most fun day of a show - NOT!!

Quilt shows are always super exciting and yet, there's an unpleasant task to be done before that can happen and it's called SETUP day. I swear in all the shows I've set up (and I don't mean guild shows), but the big ones in the larger locations -- I have had the unfortunate experience to always be in a booth that requires HUGE amounts of setup. 

When I worked for Alma - her booth was filled with notions that required much care to get in the correct spot. Northcott had a huge booth structure (X three) that had to be huge, with many lights and just seemed to take forever to put together. 

And now with SVP Canada, we have two classrooms, quilt frames, and many machines to get set up. I found yesterday was a physically hard day and my knee was stiff as a board and not happy! However, we are mostly done, but need to zip over early this morning to finish up. 

Yep --- on takedown day, each company I worked for was always the LAST one off the floor. Is it me? Next time I switch jobs, I'm asking if they go to shows and what it's like! But sadly, we only have ONE show a year, so I guess I can suck it up for one show. Wait -- last year, we did two. But not as many machines and no classrooms. 

I started the day off by unboxing TWENTY-FIVE sewing machines for one of the classrooms, well, that is after I hauled 21 machines into the other classroom for Margaret to unbox. The skids didn't fit through the door, but I had a dolly to help. Once I got into a rhythm, I could unbox the machine and get it set up in 4 minutes! Anyone have a new machine still in the box? I'm at your service!

Before we started in the morning, I wanted to check out the neighborhood and get some geocaching done. This month, the goal is consecutive days of caching. I've never been good at this, but it means finding ONE per day for at least 5 days. I should be able to do that. I went on an adventure lab looking at murals in the area and the first one was literally across the street from the hotel. 

One of the MANY murals in downtown Halifax

On my journey, I spotted this old building undergoing a facelift. 

Getting a facelift

They had gutted the building and the facade was being held up by steel girders. It sounds like this used to be a newspaper building and it's being turned into condos. 

It's just a FACADE

To a certain extent, Halifax reminds me of Quebec City and there's a pub on every corner!

I walked past the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design and it was cool because they had quilt books in all the windows. At first I thought it was a bookstore and I got excited, then I realized these were library books and NOT for sale. Although I have quite a few of the ones on display. 

ONE of the many windows of quilt books

There are loads of murals on the wall, and loads of artwork around. This mural is on the waterfront. 

Another mural

When we were done setup for the day, most everyone headed off to do their own thing. Margaret and I went next door for dinner and a cool beverage. I was never so glad to sit down! Can it be that I'm getting old and finally feeling my age? Or is it this darned knee that needs some TLC. I really need to be stretching because the stiffness is NOT because of the joint, but the muscles. 

A good way to end the day

After that, I decided to go to the drug store for some drugs! We decided to forego the awards ceremony which was starting just as we left. I can watch the thing online if I want or just go see the ribbons on the quilts. 

On the way I spotted this guy. Hmm.   

Well, hello!

He's actually standing outside the shop of the neighborhood witch! Sadly, she was closed, or I could have got her to create some potion for my knee and I'd be fine today!!!

The neighborhood witch

Then I passed the Luu Lemon shop and this is cool. There's EVERY shade of thread possible for hemming pants! 

Thread for hemming pants

If you can't find your pant color there, you won't find it anywhere! 

Then off to stretch and have a sleep. Feeling much better today and I'll just have to watch that knee. I think I'll be wearing my running shoes during the show. I don't think I can take an entire day of standing in my other ones. But I might take both and switch up during the day. The key is to keep it moving or it'll stiffen up!

I forgot to ask about the internet. I could NOT log on yesterday. But I happened to know which room Margaret was in, so I used her connection! Hopefully there are no errors above as I can't seem to find my grammar checker! 

I'm off to find a geocache for the day! I'm on a ONE-day roll so far. 

Have a super day!!!


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