Friday, June 2, 2023

Land of the living skies

It's been a good vacation, but it's time to head home later today. While going away is always fun, going home is the best part of a vacation! I suspect there will be issues with my flight, and I'm in denial, so I'll tell you the complete story tomorrow. Let's just say that I can't get an earlier flight and my flight is delayed. Why do they send you messages about that in the middle of the night? Then only those that keep looking at their phone all night know and can do something about it. I tried and had no choice. 

Saskatchewan is the land of the living skies, and yesterday was no exception. We had storm clouds all around, and the skies were stunning. 

Loads of people think that Saskatchewan is flat, and while some parts are, it is not all flat! I was at a lookout on a hill to take this picture. A river runs through this area with lots of rolling hills and valleys. 

Beautiful skies

And this one was taken from the parking lot at my parent's apartment. 

There's a storm brewing!

We got some downpours in the afternoon, but they didn't last long. I saw a bit of lightning and, of course, thunder. 

I spent the morning visiting with another aunt and uncle and saw them all on this trip. I don't know how many more trips I'll be able to do that. 

I had some errands to do, and then I spent the afternoon visiting with Mom. 

I also got out for some geocaching, which probably wasn't good since I found ticks on me last night. Five, to be exact. They are not so bad, except for the one I had to pry out of my ear at the dinner table. I know, totally gross, and these things can't just be flicked off; you have to pry them off even if they haven't started to dig. They are just nasty little things and very hard to kill. 

Perhaps the thought of them kept me awake last night. I should have been looking at my phone! 

I have not walked much while I'm here, and while I'm not broke up about it, I'm starting to feel a couple of guilt twinges. Anyway, I won't worry about it and just move on. I'll play catch-up when I get home. 

I have had many chuckles while here as I hear things from people (mostly my parents) that would drive me up the bend if I lived closer. "oh -- those people should have moved into town." Right -- when it took significant health issues to get them to move after MANY years of tempting them. It doesn't matter -- they are in town and live in a safe place, and that's all that counts. 

In hindsight, everything worked out OK. It's one thing to plan, but if you spend all your life planning and then the thing you planned for never happens? That's just a waste of time. I'd rather be somewhat organized and be able to change on the fly. I guess that's how it worked for Mom and Dad as well. They didn't plan, and then they had to move, and it worked out better than if they planned to move. Oh well! That's one of life's little farces! 

My older brother would cringe if I said this to him, but he says and does things JUST LIKE MOM, and well -- he's just like Mom, and that's all I'm going to say about that! The bad part about that -- he doesn't realize! 

I can't wait to get back home - I have presentations that need to be done, and I was going to do them tonight when I arrived. Instead, I'll be prepping them at the airport before I leave. Oh well -- that's OK and just part of life. 

Here's something quilty for you to read. This is the free online issue of QUILTsocial. I have a couple of articles about quilting and applique in there, so be sure to download the free copy for reference. There's also a great article on dying fabric! 

So yes, it will be short and sweet, and who knows if I'll have the time or the energy tomorrow to write a blog. It might be dicey with the predicted schedule I have. I just want to get home! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. As for ticks we live in Manitoba so plenty of ticks , we stick a piece of duct tape over them and fold it over, works like charm. Safe travels home.

  2. I'm so glad for you that all of the week's necessary discussions and work went in a positive direction. I cannot imagine the relief you are currently feeling. I hope your weekend is being good to you!