Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hmm - I was so excited this morning and was very proud of how much work I got done. Then I took pictures and shoot - there is only really one picture, but it has a lot of work!

The secret to success is to get a good night's sleep! And get ENOUGH sleep.  If I don't have a good sleep, I'm a mess the next day. But a good uninterrupted sleep and I'm good for hours!  I had a good sleep last night!

This little block is about one month overdue, but it's done now!  Juts have to figure out how to get it to its' destination!

Floating star block - DONE

Then back to work on Tonga Rhapsody. Rather than keep searching for that block that I  may not have made, I just made a new one. And it's now sewn into the quilt.  I got the entire left hand column completely trimmed and sewn together. Remember what it looked like??

Tonga Rhapsody last week

Tonga Rhapsody this morning
 And I've made good progress on the last block!  Should be able to finish that off this evening.

Last block for Tonga Rhapsody
 All that's left is to sew the five columns together and then there are FIVE borders.  A couple have some piecing in them, but nothing too difficult or time consuming.  OK - who am I kidding! This is a big quilt - an UNPIECED border takes about one hour to cut and sew on. There is still about 10 hours of sewing left on this project. And then to make the binding and the backing!  Well - it will be a work in progress for another week or so as I eek out 10 hours to finish it.  But when you think of a project in terms of hours to completion - it is a bit sobering!

The good news is that there is nothing with an urgent deadline.  I was going to do another challenge with a deadline of tomorrow, but earlier in the week, I said NO!  My new rule (as if I will follow it) is to work on challenges WAY BEFORE they are due!  The quality of the design and the work will be inferior, but it will be done!

Went out to lunch with a friend the other day. Although are people who feed my license plate frenzy really friends?   Anyway these were gifted and are from 2015.  Thank goodness I haven't counted those plates yet or started to do anything with them.  I'm thinking, I could write a triology now with the number of plates I have!

Two more plates for 2015

As the long weekend looms, I must confess that I have no desire to go license plate shopping!  I must be ill. Nope, I'd rather be out on my bike - long overdue but the knee is much better. I'm tentative of what distance to start out with.  I know - start small - but I don't work that way!   However, I'll aim for 10 K first time, then 20K and so on. Plus, I'd much rather be sewing than shopping for plates. I'm just doomed - a life chained to the sewing machine and I LOVE IT!!!!   So part of me hopes it rains for at least one day this weekend, so I can stay in the house totally guilt free and sew!

Happy to report that I'm going to take a class on Binding by Machine.  It's three hours long and hopefully I'll finally get that figured out!  If I played with it, I'm sure I could get better at it and try a different stitch as well.

On that note, here's to hoping the traffic will be light this morning and I can fly to work.  Got lots to do!

Have a great day!!!!


PS - someone wanted to know the name of the pattern for that small quilt I did with the birds?   It is called Shadow Blocks. A pattern from Ruti's Needlebed. Here is a video tutorial  (didn't check the video)

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