Friday, June 10, 2016


There are all kinds of challenges, but the most fun are those that involve fabric! Many guilds run challenges for various reason, some fabric companies run challenges or you could even challenge yourself to do something out of the ordinary.

Recently, I participated in the Modern Quilt Guild challenge that was sponsored by Riley Blake.

Here is the piece that I made. Gosh - I'm not sure why the darn picture is cut off - I did take it properly.

My challenge quilt
Sashing Stash
Oh and here is the fabric that we started with.

I'm almost finished hand stitching the binding and the sleeve on the quilt.   Have a look at this blog post - the winners were announced yesterday and NO, I didn't have the honours of winning a prize.

It's very interesting to see the winning quilt, as that would not have been my first choice.  But there were so many to choose from - I can imagine how difficult it was to choose as I think there were loads of entries.  The entries were posted on Instagram and hopefully, you can check out this link.

While I didn't win a prize, I'm definitely glad that I participated. Why?  This was a fabulous opportunity to stretch my creativity. I took something and completely transformed it. While doing that, I was able to use some of my techniques and skills to create, what I think, is a pretty cool quilt.

Entering a challenge shouldn't be about winning (although has anyone ever said "no thank you, I just did this for fun?". It's all about pushing yourself to use fabrics in a different color or style from the norm. Along the way, you'll learn new things and the more that you do, the less learning there is for the next opportunity (or challenge).

So - what challenge are you going to participate in next?????

Have a great day!!!!


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