Sunday, June 19, 2016

And on the seventh day.....

Hmmm - the day starts with a little SNAFU.  It appears that I wrote the post for yesterday, but somehow it never got published so you get TWO posts today.

This one will be short.  It's been a crazy five months - five trade shows in five months. And today - guess what my calendar says?  "NOTHING SCHEDULED"   That is almost as good as winning the lottery. OK - I lost my head for a moment.

I told Sandy that I would stay with her until the bitter end of getting all the quilts packaged and we were pretty much the last ones to leave the Convention Center.  It was 8 PM. Another long and exhausting day but so worth it and so many volunteers - it was great to see so many people pitching in to help.

As I was walking out of the hall with my quilts, I noticed these large pieces of fabric.  They were the pieces the long arm quilters had used on their machines during the show.  I walk past the first one, but when I got to the front door, there were a few more and I decided to rescue them all.  I know - it's so sad.

Rescued "quilts"
 But there are two reasons for the rescue.  One, there are some pretty cool designs on the pieces that will be good for inspiration. Two, they can be cut up and the edges serged and go to the animal shelter for the cats and dogs. And there are a few pieces of useable fabric that I really like so I'll see about rescuing that as well.

Cool quilting designs

Then I faced a dilemma when I got home.  I had a bite to eat and I was tired, but do you think I could fall asleep?  Nope - it was well after 1 AM when I finally fell asleep. That doesn't bode well for a good day for me and with nothing planned, I wasn't happy last night. Which is probably why I couldn't sleep.  Ever had those times when you are sabotaging your own day?  That was last night for me.

Since I couldn't sleep, I thought I might as well be doing something useful so I was downstairs looking at projects. I know - it's very sad!  But I was having fun and trying to bore myself  to sleep. It worked eventually.

I'm up now and while it is a beautiful day outside, I think I might veg in the basement all day and see what I can do about getting that mess in a bit better shape.  So here is my BEFORE picture.  Let's see what it looks like after an entire day of messing around. Let's hope I don't get the call of the Sirens from the sewing machine, although I can hear it already singing to me.

The BEFORE picture

On that note, I'm out of here to have a great play date in my studio - OK, so it's going to be tidy up time all day.  

Have an awesome day!!!!



  1. I love that you "rescue" things. Yesterday I rescued a rusty bike chain from a box of scrap parts put out to the curb by the local bike shop. Now I'm thinking I should have looked closer to see if there was anything else rusty or rustable in the box. I think DH was trying to pretend he wasn't with me.

    1. AWESOME!!!! I know, the non rescuers try to shrink away to nothing! Are you going to do some fabric rusting?? Can't wait to see the results!

    2. Am I going to do fabric rusting ha ha ha Some day. I now have way more rusty items than I will ever use. The one time I tried, I used easily identifiable items and wasn't happy. This time I want the bicycle chain pattern for beading/embroidery but the other items need to rust as rather vague shapes. Does that make sense? Have a great day