Thursday, June 16, 2016

And so the craziness starts once more.....

I'm in a big rush this morning so this will be short and sweet.

Some of the shops brought their license plates and well - I couldn't help myself.  Remember, I'm only allowed those that I personally buy.  

2016 license plates
I'm OK with buying them because I actually made something from the 2014 plates. If you buy something and use it, it's OK to buy more if you want.   I now have TEN from Ontario and THREE from the US!

I thought I had better set out some guidelines because I know people will want to help.

I will NOT be swapping license plates with anyone!
I will NOT ask anyone to buy a plate if they happen to be traveling!

So if you see a plate somewhere and you think I might like it - that is YOUR choice.  I don't want to get a plate and then that awkward moment where I have to decide to buy it from you!  Oh, that sounds awful because people have been super last year with all the running around they did.  Should you WANT to buy me a plate - then feel free - those come with no strings attached and I'll consider them a gift.

I just thought I would make that clear because I know people who are already asking me - do you want me to buy you a plate when I go somewhere.  That is totally your choice!

On that note - I'm ready for my Curved Piecing class today and I better get moving.  Can't be late.

Have a great day!!!!!


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