Sunday, June 5, 2016

Just 15 minutes a day!

I was asked if I wanted to go to the Hamilton Quilt Show which took place on Friday and Saturday this past week.  Hmm - that depends on much progress I make on my "urgent" quilt.  Things were going great with the quilt so I decided to take a couple of hours and go to the show.

WOW - it's always so inspiring to visit a quilt show. The level of talent would blow your socks off.  I took tons of pictures of color schemes, clever use of designs/fabric and many pictures of machine quilting ideas.
In keeping with the fact that I didn't get permission to post any of the pictures, they are all for my personal viewing pleasure.  Sorry! But I do know the color scheme of my next quilt - I was continuously drawn to a couple of quilts in the green/yellow/orange pallette.

Oh by the way - I didn't buy a thing at the quilt show.  I bought my ticket in and I bought $2 worth of raffle tickets for their mini-quilt draw.   Have I at last come to my senses?  

However, once we were finished at the show, I needed to stop at the Village Square Quilt shop in Burlington.

I really really love this store.  They have a different style and type of fabric compared to what I see at other stores and well, I was looking for a particular fabric.  After a hunt around the store, the bolt of fabric was found and I got what I needed. I also found a few other goodies that I couldn't resist.

Pre-cut hexagons
These are cut and ready to go in some project - got to figure something out.  I'm in a hexagon mood these days, although I haven't really the time to work on anything.

And wouldn't you know - they have license plates for Row by Row - not one, but two. So yep - I had to buy both of them.  And this fits within the parameters of my rules.  I personally visited the shop, therefore - it's OK!

License plates for Row by Row
Oh, crud!  Yesterday, I said that I wasn't going to collect the rows, but I just had a peek at some of them on Facebook and some of them are adorable and I want them!!!!!    Fire up the car, get the GPS, get the list of quilt shops.  WAIT! Row by Row doesn't start until June 21. Drat!    I wish they would put the map up soon - I want to start planning a couple of days to tour around.

Speaking of Row by Row, that's the quilt I'm currently working on.    This is all I'm going to show you.  I think I have about 55 license plates from 2014 and this is FIVE of the 12 solids that I'm working with to create the quilt top.

Solids for the quilt top

 I did see a fabric yesterday at Village Quilt Shop that would be perfect for the backing as I'm sure that I don't have enough of anything (row by rowish) and I would really really like to get my hands on some of the snowflake fabric from 2014. It was one of the official fabrics, but I don't think there is time now.  May have to invent something for that.

Anyway, stage one of the construction is complete. Yeah - it went way faster than I thought and I'm very pleased with the results.  Now onto stage two which if I could complete today would be amazing. I might actually have time to hand stitch the binding down on this one.

Oh my, two other major things happened yesterday. One - I sat outside in the backyard and read for a couple of hours. It was glorious.  The weather was perfect and well I must do that more often. It's summer, and we have a beautiful backyard and I'm going to enjoy it!  The second thing that happened was that I started to sort some of this paperwork.  It didn't take too long - well I only spent about 15 minutes, but even in those 15 minutes, I got a fair bit accomplished.  Now to throw some labels on the folders and put in the filing cabinet and it's a start.  Imagine 15 minutes every day for one month - I bet I could get this mess cleaned up.  OK - can I make that commitment to myself?  I'm worth it after all!!!!   Yes - for the month of June, I'll spend 15 minutes every day tidying up the office.  Since it's the fourth today, I will spend one hour to play catch up!

On that note, I'm out of here for more cutting and measuring and cutting and measuring.

Have an awesome day!!!


BTW - I think Lexi has a story to tell you today!

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