Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And so the saga continues.....

While I didn't make a lot of progress last night - by the time I get home, have dinner - well there isn't a lot of time or the energy to do much.  However that doesn't mean that I was slacking. I figure on the nights after work that I can do small bits, not mess around with big issues.  I'll leave that for the weekend.

Here are a couple of shots from the Sunday clean up.  As I find things that don't belong in the studio, I put them on the stairs so when I make a trip up, I can take some stuff.  Here are three different shots.

Start of the day

Mid day

End of the day
 Yes, I've been saving a box from one of my sewing machines.  Seriously???    It's on its' way out the door.

I have taken a few trips up and down those stairs so they are much clearer although I'm sure the health department or the fire department would still call them a tripping hazard.  Trust me - I'm a "hold the handrail" kind of person - even with something in my hand.  Usually both up and down. There is no time for any silly accidents!

Then I developed another area in the tidying - that was called the "prep" area for the retreat. Now with the amount of bags that are already packed - there is NO need to prep more, but here's what I'm thinking.  I need to have projects to sew.  Once these are packed in the retreat bags and when I'm back from the retreat, I'll just grab another project and work on that until it is done. The key is going to be - do a little every day and it will get done!

Prep area

And prep area again!

Next time, I really should set the camera on the tripod and every half hour or hour, take a picture of the same spot.  That would be really fun to see how things get shifted around!  Thanks for noticing that Vicki!

So here is a quilt that I resurrected from the "needs borders" pile.  While I like the center of this quilt, the black border is pretty stark since it is the only black in the quilt and where did that blue come from???   It was a mystery from a "few" years ago.  And now that I look at it - why didn't they have that checkerboard on all four sides - not two???  I may not be able to do anything about that as the fabric is probably long gone.  Yesterday morning while I was chatting to my Monday Maniacs, I removed the last border and took separated the blocks.  I'd like to put green where the blue is - or I may just do something different since the fabric in the center is a certain tone of cotton.  Some of the pieces in that outer board are brushed cotton and don't have the same feel.  The black border is going to go as well.  Oh heck - looks like I'm going to remake the entire project!

Getting a makeover!

Then I came across this book.  I had pulled it out after the last meeting of the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild.  We had done some exercises from the book during our meeting.  At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like some of the exercises, but it ended up being loads of fun and just goes to show that just diving in can be fun!

art+quilt  book 

This is the end result of one of my exercises.  I just started cutting and wow - I got two flowers!!!   I positioned and re-positioned that fabric and this is what happened.  What a fun exercise!!!

My free form cutting exercise

When I was teaching a class at Sew Sisters on the weekend, I saw this fabric.   OH - that would have been perfect for the backing of  my license plate quilt.  The theme for Row by Row in 2014 was Seasons and well - there are four seasons here.  I bought what was left and it will make the backing for the quilt I make with the 2014 rows!!

Good backing fabric for Row by Row 2014

The espadrilles are gone - well they have been spoken for!  However there is ONE item that didn't go in the espadrille bag.  Look at this key chain with a miniature espadrille!  I had to keep that.

Mini espadrille

And it's perfect as it goes with my orange running shoe.

Shoe key chains

And with my British running shoe and hiking boot!

British running shoe and hiking boot!
 So what did I do last night?  I got more done on the latest string quilt which I haven't taken pictures of yet. And then I did some work on this quilt.  See - even when I try, I can't focus very well!

Tonga Rhapsody

This was a monthly class that I taught last year.  I had taken it to PEI with me to finish, but was short some fabric and I had NOT taken the yardage with me.  It got shoved in a box when I got home - no that is not true - I cut the missing pieces and then it got shoved in the box.  Last night, I finished sewing all the setting triangles and trimmed a few of them.  There are five columns in the quilt - THREE are completed now and need to be sewn to each other.  There are still three blocks to make (one is ready to sew together, one is partially sewn and the other one?  - no clue - I was certain that all the blocks were done (cut and prepped - except that partial one).  Shoot - shoot - shoot.  See what happens???  I bet if I go back in my blog - I would be able to find that I in fact had made that block. Not that a picture is going to help me!

Same thing happened to another quilt I made.  I made all the blocks, but do you think I can find the last one?  It's like there is a gremlin in the house who keeps stealing the LAST block - just like a puzzle piece!  Did your family members ever steal a puzzle piece so THEY could be the person to put the last piece in?  That happened at my house!

Anyway - doesn't matter - I have loads of fabric. I'll take one last look in the project box and just suck it up and make the missing block.  Yes - I know - it will surface immediately upon me making that block.  I do have one last bag of projects that came back from PEI - it MIGHT be in there, but I doubt it.

On that note - it's time to get moving on the day!   Shoot - there was something I was going to ask you all and now I've forgotten.

Have a super day!!!


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