Saturday, June 4, 2016

Scrap this!

As you all know, I love quotes and words and I came across this excellent quote the other day.

"there is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."   Aristotle

That is a pretty profound (but very true) statement, but it makes me realize why there are leaders and followers.   A case in point is the quilt guilds.  A guild is run by an executive and that means people have to be "elected" to the executive.  As the guilds close down for the summer, there is the age-old question - who will run for these positions?  

I don't think that people do not want to run for these positions, but rather they don't want to deal with the criticism that goes along with the position. It doesn't matter how friendly or open you are, if you are the president or any of the other positions, you will need to make decisions or be involved in decisions and you are setting yourself up for criticism.

This is such a shame as there are so many capable people out there that would make excellent members of the guild executives.

Here's my take on this - while math and science are important subjects, I don't think schools/parenting are teaching kids how to criticize and how to be criticized.  Wouldn't that be exciting? While no one wants to be criticized and perhaps that is too harsh a word, but providing valuable feedback in a productive way - well imagine how smoothly the guilds and life, in general, would run.

It's becoming harder and harder to provide that feedback because our world has become so politically correct.  Say the wrong thing and you are anti-whatever the cause is!

Anyway, it's an interesting topic and would be the basis of a good discussion one day. But that quote is pretty profound and it was written by Aristotle and when was he alive? Wow - just checked - this guy would be OLD if he were still around. (384–322 B.C.E.)   Isn't it interesting that this philosopher made this observation so long ago and nothing has really changed?  It's kind of scary actually!

Speaking of the guild, here is a great shot of the challenge results.  Back in March, I provided guild members a pack of 5-inch squares of purple fabric. They were to make a "modern" quilt using those squares and some neutral backgrounds.  Wow - I was blown away by the results.  Not only the number of pieces, but WHO made the pieces - some of these people had never done a challenge before. Some machine pieced their project and they had never done that before.  

Challenge results

I was so IMPRESSED, I felt bad that I only had three prizes, but everyone did go home with a little something. It's always so amazing to see how people interpret a challenge.  All they were given were those 5 purple squares. The level of creativity is unbelievable.   I have a feeling we're going to have to arrange another challenge because everyone was so keen on it - not only was I blown away, but the audience was as well.

It was so nice to come home last night and not have a deadline.  I have a completely free weekend - such a rare occurence.  Now - it's not like I don't have anything to do.  I've got tons, but my focus is that quilt that is due for June 14.  I am madly working on it. And while one of the sewing machine is "working" on that quilt for me, I'm having fun!!!!    You'll see what I mean, but you have to come to Quilt Canada to see the quilt or you have to wait until after when I post the quilt!  Or until someone posts it on Social Media!

I have a lecture on scrap quilts and while I have scrap quilts, I need MORE.  And this is one that has been sitting for a while.  So I'm merrily sewing this one.   I can't say how nice it is to sew something just for the sake of sewing (more or less!)

The scraps

The blocks

On that note, I had better go and check what's happening in the studio. 

Have a great day!



  1. Elaine, the modern quilts are awesome, such imagination, wish I could see them up closer. Good job.

    1. Sorry - I never even thought to take closeups of them. They truly were amazing and the guild so enjoyed seeing the challenge results!