Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mission Accomplished!!!

I can't believe it - I got to the point where I wanted to be for this morning.  And I even had time to read and have a snooze in the backyard!

However, I don't have a lot of time to go into all the details this morning, but have a look at the quilt.

My quilt - DONE!
 Seriously - did you think I was going to show you the front?  Nope - that gets revealed on Wednesday when Quilt Canada opens.  I'm pretty happy with it and I don't know that I could have planned it ahead as well as it turned out. Although, when you see it, you'll appreciate that there is a LOT of planning in this quilt.  It just didn't happen over night, but the size - slightly wider (1 inch wider than I said it would be and technically, I could have trimmed it down) and it's 4 inches longer - again, I could have squeezed.  I seem to have a knack for doing this wild math and I love the freedom of just letting loose, but still within confines!

Here is something to contemplate today.  Did I have just the right number of license plates, the right design, the right amount of planning or did I make it look that way?  That's not really the right way to say that - I'll try to refine that statement.

Here is the back of the quilt.  I loaded it after dinner last night - it was so beautiful outside that I really didn't want to be in the house so I stayed out as long as I dared.  It was glorious!!! I chose a very simple quilting pattern and you'll see why when the quilt is revealed. That made my life easy as I was able to rip through the quilting in a couple of hours. It's not a huge quilt - lap size - 61 by 76  (my normal size is 60 by 72).

Back of the quilt
 And yes, since I wasn't able to get that tree fabric that I saw last weekend, I used the license plate fabric from last year.  I must admit that I felt angst as I cut it up for the backing and when I saw more at Ruti's yesterday, I grabbed what was left.  Perfect - enough for another backing.  I have a few more quilts to make for Row by Row and I'm ready!

Row by Row fabric from 2015

I also picked up a license plate from Ruti's Needlebed yesterday.  That makes 7 and counting......   So far, I haven't broken the rules - well just with Carol!!!!   However Row by Row hasn't even started and I have had several people send me pictures of the various rows that are available.  They are all evil!!!!

One more license plate

This morning, I have managed to trim the quilt, make the binding and the sleeve. Everything is sewn onto the quilt and hopefully I'll get a chance for some hand stitching today while I volunteer during the juding process at Quilt Canada. However, I'm short of binding by ONE strip.  How is that for calculations?  I wasn't even sure I was going to use this grey, but it became an integral part of the quilt.   Never mind, I hope to get that one strip tomorrow. In the meantime, there is a lot of binding to be stitched down and I do not want to do it by machine.

Binding and sleeve on the quilt
 I thought I was saved when I found this dark grey, but it seems to be a slightly different color - OK - a lot different.

Not the right color!
The last thing will be to clean up the cutting table.  

Cutting table to be cleaned up!

Now if only I could get the studio is shape so that it would be easy to clean all my projects up.  Well, it is sort of!   I do have plenty of room to work, but if I were a little more efficient - OK - the problem is there is a few too much stuff!   There is one good thing that is happening.  I might be starting new projects, but they are getting COMPLETED.  What I need to do is work on a new one, then on an old one and get some of the old ones complete.

On that note, I'm out of here for another adventure today.  I have no idea how much I will be needed. I may be running around like crazy or I may be sitting on call.  Either way, I'm ready, although sitting on call would be really really helpful today!

Have an awesome day!!!!


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