Thursday, June 2, 2016

Filing Systems do work!

I have a filing cabinet, I have a label maker, I have folders.  Putting them all together should give me a pretty good system?  I have proof that it works, however, it's only as good as what you make of it.

We have a water cooler and I was finding the water had a funny taste. So it has sat there unused for a couple of months and I hate tap water.  Needless to say, I haven't been drinking enough and so yesterday was the day to tackle the water cooler. Hmm, I wonder if the manual has anything to say about a thorough cleaning. It just so happens that I have ALL the manuals from every appliance we own (or so it seems) in individual LABELLED (no less) file folders. Within seconds, I had that manual in my hand.

Water cooler

The manual
 Now here's the thing - there are countless pieces of paper in this office. Countless!  And imagine the power that I would have if those pieces of paper were sorted into file folders. Oh yes - I would be the queen of information.  Part of me resists because it takes time (yes - I know it takes way more time to search through the paper than it would be to sort the paper!) and part of me just has to get organized.

So now that things have calmed somewhat - I do believe the next quilt deadline is June 14, but I'm not pulling back - I need to forge ahead because I just remembered that I want to have another quilt done for my class/lectures - well there are many I would like to have done, just now sure how many will actually get completed. And then there are two due for the middle of July - none of these are customer quilts and none of them are for Northcott - these are m y own personal commitments!

By the way,

The good news is that I needed a specific font to do some embroidery on the June 14 quilt - the one that you WILL see at Quilt Canada. After I loaded the software onto my work laptop, I actually managed to get the font created in a matter of minutes and it's now on a USB stick so I can start the embroidery tomorrow.  I did a test run of it last night and it's EXACTLY what I wanted - the size, the shape - everything.  God, I love technology when it works!

I see that the first bloom of the lilies in the pond yesterday.


Growing like wildfire

The garden is growing out of control and although Lexi and I did some weeding the other day, I think it's time to call someone in.  I just don't have the time or it will take me forever to do an hour here and an hour there!

On that note - I'm out of here.  Hmmm - I wonder if I started to label the folders, that would be a start. Then I could put them in the filing cabinet and start sorting through the piles.  Hmm - I wonder.........

Have an awesome day!!!


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