Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And the frog goes RIBBIT......

This organizing thing isn't such a bad thing. However, I must learn to TRUST myself. Someone had borrowed a ruler from me a while back. Anyway, when the ruler came back, it sat in my office for months.  I remember looking at it every time I walked in and I thought,  "I MUST put that ruler away".  Well a couple of weeks ago, I was tidying up and the ruler disappeared.

I'm gathering things for a cutting session, and needed that rule which was nowhere to be found. I searched through everything in the office, I searched through the piles to be sorted in the studio - NO RULER.  Drat - I'm not going out to buy another one of these rulers - it's a specialty ruler.

Then I thought to myself, perhaps I should check where the rulers are stored in the event that I put it away and BINGO!  There was the ruler.   There are several morals to this story:

  • Don't lend your tools
  • Put things away the moment you are done with them
  • Before you look like mad through everything, check the "home" for the tools in the event that they are there!

I'm in the process of gathering the fabrics for this project which I will share with you.  It's going to be a class and I'm pretty excited about it. It might even be a Block of the Month which will be even more exciting.  and for those in the BOM classes, I just found the motherlode!  I'll be checking pattern availability and we can go from there. 

Oh my - so many of you say that you get tired reading my blog!  Sorry - it's just that there are heaps and bounds of energy stored up in my body and I have to let it out somehow or I'll explode!  I mentioned that my upper back was tired the other day.  I hadn't really thought why, but now I know!  I started to lift weights at the gym and was getting into some heavier (for me) weights on Friday!  There is usually a two day delay on the tiredness and that must have been it.  

Well, I had to do something in the basement last night.  We try not to turn on the A/C.  I can't stand how inefficient the system is.  Despite closing the vents and all that, the basement is like a refridgerator when we turn the A/C on.  Last evening, the temperature was just right!  And it cooled off during the night.  I guess I just tolerate the heat well. 

I quilted ANOTHER wall hanging.  I know, this looks like I'm cheating by counting the same one twice, but there are in fact TWO of them. 

Customer quilt - DONE

When I was in the US a couple of months ago, I saw this fabric and HAD to buy it.  I have a very specific project in mind for this of which I found another piece of the puzzle yesterday.  It's almost time to start sewing that one.

Cute farm fabric
 Then the opportunity came along yesterday to get a coordinating panel for the book.  Never knew that existed and so I made the book last night as well.

Farm Animal book

The frog goes RIPPIT
 Then onto the sorting and prep work.  I have to get better at what I do as I cart a whole pile of bags to work, then I cart them all home again and never do anything with the stuff.  Last night, I really sorted them - the stuff I'm taking today HAS to be done or left at work.

But I was prepping a bit more for the retreat as well.  Gosh - this is so NOT like me.  Now I have FIVE bags of projects prepped and ready for the retreat.  Five day retreat - five bags worth of stuff to do!  Who am I kidding!  I'll be lucky if I get through ONE bag of projects.

Almost ready for the retreat

If you counted, there are in fact EIGHT bags here.  One is strictly hand work in the event that I want to sit outside and enjoy the day. Two are tools - I know that seems excessive, but there is an iron, my applique box and a few other things.  And notice that the bag, second from the right is practically empty.  That is the URGENT bag and I have a couple more projects to prep and it will be full and then I can relax until the retreat!  As if!  Friday is a holiday and I can't wait! Actually, I have a three day weekend with ZERO commitments. I think I've died and gone to quilting heaven!!

And I get excited about going to work everyday. Either that or I just like having an excuse to stop at Tim's for a tea!  

On that note, I had better get going. 

Have an awesome day!



  1. If you solve the problem with the frigid basement, I need the solution. I'm down here and if the a/c is on, I have a heavy sweater on.

    1. Layers - dress in layers. I have so many jackets, wraps and vests in the basement and on and off - all day. It's ridiculous!