Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Deadlines are so MUCH fun!

Happy to report that I met the Riley Blake challenge deadline with TIME TO SPARE - almost 12 hours to spare!  Now how did that happen?  We won't tell anyone that that lovely binding is pinned to the back.  Hey - the picture doesn't show. I want to put a label and a sleeve on it as well. Hand work for Monday!
Riley Blake challenge called "It's an Illusion!"
This project was all in the name of research.  I think it's important for me as an employee of Northcott to play with the competitor's fabric. Otherwise, how will I know what the competition feels like, how it sews, etc. And that information is for my knowledge only!  However, there are two other reasons why I would not use Riley Blake in the future - one is availability.  It was very hard to find the fabrics that I used - I had to order them on-line and I had a friend who "lent" me part of her stash (thanks Jackie!) which I ended up using very little of so she gets it all back!

No, the big reason I wouldn't work with this in the future is the colors.  While this photo shows fairly bright colors, the blue and green in fact are fairly muted. I wanted bright brights and they just don't exist in the Riley Blake solids.  No worries!   I know where I can get loads of BRIGHT solids and that makes me happy.

OK - so what was the challenge?  The challenge was for The Modern Quilt Guild.  I think it's an annual challenge (obviously fairly new).    This was the fabric for the Riley Blake/Modern Quilt Guild challenge for 2016.

Riley Blake_BW
Riley Blake Sashing Stash
Anyone who participated got 3/4 yard of the fabric in the top left.  It's a variety of different types of sashing.  How you interpret it is where the fun comes into play.   You could use any of the different fabrics including the different colorways.

There is also a video that shows some very clever uses of that fabric. It was after watching the video that I came up with my idea.  I know - watch the video and there is NOTHING like what I did in the video.  That's how I came up with my idea. I didn't want to do things that had already been done.  I put my thinking cap on and well the rest is history.  You see why I need to spend more time doing my own stuff because there is a LOT of stuff in my head and it's got to come out or I might explode one day!   Anyway, it was fun to mess with this fabric.  Would I use it again?   It would be fun to try something different, but it's not easy to get in Canada unless you buy on-line.

And so onto the next deadline - another challenge which is due June 1 which is TODAY.  This time, it's hosted by The Toronto Modern Quilt Guild.  Check out the details on this blog post.   We could choose two or three colors from a total of seven.  I didn't have as much trouble finding the colors and ended up with 6 of the 7 so I would have variety when the creative process took hold of me.

Colors for The Toronto Modern Quilt Guild challenge

For some reason, as I got going, I was determined to make not one, not two, but THREE of the silly things.  They are only 14 inches square so don't take a lot of time.   I was up early again today and quilted two of them. There is just a smidgen of facing left to do (no binding) and all three will be complete.  They need to be delivered TODAY so I'll be late getting home as I figure out where they are to be dropped.

My three challenge pieces
Yes - I'm getting lazy - I quilted all three on the long arm.  I know - the pieces are 14 inches square. The backing looks pretty teeny on the long arm!

Backing for the challenge on the long arm
Hey - these minis were a great opportunity to try some different stuff.  You MUST go to Quilt Canada and vote for them. Some great prizes available - well for the contestants that is - not you!

Here is your homework - if you have an Instagram account - go to #mqgfabrichallenge and "LIKE" my quilt.  So far it is the top posts - that is NOT how the winners get chosen, but maybe it will influence the votes!   And second - get yourself organized to come to Quilt Canada.

Check out the lectures - I'm doing TWO.  They are going to fun and maybe some give-aways???  I'm also doing a class on Curved Piecing and well, let's just say that the Riley Blake challenge quilt will be on display because the techniques that I used in the challenge are the techniques that I teach in this class.  You do NOT want to miss that.  I'll be explaining all about this challenge.   I think you have to scroll right to the end or near the end of that link (curved piecing)  to get to my class.

It's going to be an action packed week and after today, well I still have one more URGENT quilt, but I've got a week to do it!  An entire week and NO, I won't be leaving this one until the last minute. Oh - well you know what I mean.

On that note - I'm out of here.  Have a great day!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hope to see you at Quilt Canada. I think we are coming on the 15th and I am bringing my sister and my cousin's wife all the way from St. Joe, Illinois!

    1. Awesome - just text me when you are there. I'm around for two days and some of the evening events. Is she bringing you a license plate from St. Joe???

    2. They don't have a quilt shop in St Joe and I will be there the first week in August. Do I need to get you any plates from Champagne, Decatur, Arthur, Danville, Paris.....

    3. Oh Mary - I could call you the devil! No temptations please!!!! I might be selective and try to find very specific plates so at the moment, I don't need ANY. But thank you!