Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Found and lost and found...................

Back to the studio last night for a bit more work. I'm really anxious to get something FINISHED. Technically I shouldn't complain because I have finished quite a few things lately, but I want to get a big project done.

Let's start with my latest string quilt project.  I'm going in a completely different direction by doing 60 degree triangles.  At the beginning of the year, I took my green scrap boxes. I basically separated them into two groups. One that read as green and that is being used for the 365 day quilt of which I am up to date as at February 10. I hear she is going to run it again next year - AHA - I can catch up!

The second group was everything that had green in it, but many other colours as well. As I was prepping this post, I also remembered what I wanted to ask you!   So I used the yellow pages as the foundation base for the 60 degree triangles. I have no idea how many I cut - I simply used the entire book or what was left of it.  And I would like more!  So if anyone has old phone books or yellow pages - I'd take them off your hands.  If not, I have scads of newsprint in the basement - I guess I could dig that out and use it!   Because I don't think I'm going to use my entire box of scraps on these blocks and that is my goal! Use them ALL.

First two rows on the 60 degree triangle string blocks

What one completed block looks like

12 are completely sewn and trimmed

The "green" scrappy box of strips

The smaller pieces that will be used as I go to the tip of the triangle

Once I finished that first round, it was time to work on Tonga Rhapsody. I finished the block that was cut out and sewed a few more setting triangles in place.  This is what it looks like now.  I'm really liking it!

Tonga Rhapsody so far
 Then I thought I could start to prep the last two blocks, but where did I put them?????   I looked everywhere. Then I went to the prep area because I thought they might be there. Yep - they were there - right where they were supposed to be!  I also looked through the box for the missing block - no go.  I'll just suck it up and make a new one.

Ah - the prep area got a bit messy!

I truly have the best friends in the entire world!  Someone gave me this gift bag at last Saturday's class.  I wasn't sure who gave it to me although I do know now and I truly thank her for her kind thoughts and good sense of humour.

Gift bag!  Love the ORANGE paper

After my class, I was back to Quilt Canada and before leaving the car, I thought I had better check the contents of the bag since people know I like chocolate and it was a super hot day!  Yep - there was chocolate in there.  I took a picture, obviously with my imagery camera because I can't find the picture tonight.

But there was this beautiful cycling mug, a biscuit for Lexi, two pieces of YUMMY chocolate, and

gorgeous cycling mug!

  I feel a road trip coming on!  Thank you so much for the beautiful card - it is very much appreciated!  The chocolate came in very handy since I didn't leave the Convention Center until 8 PM and those two pieces were very welcome around 6 PM.

Wow - time to get moving!  I love when progress is being made - I don't care how great the progress is - just that it is being made.

Have an awesome day.


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