Sunday, June 26, 2016

Prioritized packing is boring!

I've been having fun prepping stuff for the retreat. I'm trying to avoid that panic packing that always happens when I'm getting ready to leave. I thought I was doing great despite the fact that there is NO excitement in prepping that far in advance.  I'm practically boring!

However, common sense (which has always eluded me in the past) is creeping more and more into my thought processes.  Not sure why or for how long it will remain.  So I was evaluating what I have packed. Yep - all the tools, all the fabric is cut and prepped. Hm - but how many of those projects are needed NOW.  Of course, NONE of it is. It's all the fun stuff I want to work on.  AHA - now I see where the panic packing has come in.  I seem to do the same thing every time and then realize at the last minute that I don't have a single thing that I'm supposed to be working on and the panic begins.

I spent last evening actually prepping stuff that would make more sense. Then when I get this done at the retreat (as if!), I can work on the other stuff!  Yep - I'm officially boring!  I will have to wing in a project last minute just to add some spice to the mix!

First one is my Reminisce quilt that we're doing at The Hobby Horse.  I am slightly behind, but yesterday, I got some fabric that I was missing and I'm ready.  Border number 2 is all cut and ready to go.  This would make a great ender and leader project.  We're actually working on Border 3 and 4 (which is the last one), so I'll be working hard over the summer to make this happen.

Ready to go!

Everything is packed in the project box
 Next project - one of my own designs.  It's almost ready.  I have to draw a line on those blue squares and will do that on Monday.  Then it's ready to go as well.

Project two - all set to go

This next one isn't going to the retreat, but those last two blocks that needed to be sewn - this is the one that's on the design wall - well the two blocks are cut and ready to sew.

Two missing blocks - ready to sew

The quilt with the two missing blocks
Since it's all laid out on the design wall, it's too complicated to pack up to take to the retreat, but this can be my current sewing project.  There is another one on the wall as well - I need to get both of them off and something else up! And yes, there are a number of quilts where the blocks are made, they just need to be sewn together.   No lack of stuff to sew!

I have THREE more projects that need to be cut before I leave, but I have lots of time!  I hope to get the worst one done today, but I have a couple of things to do for customers and would like to get them off my plate.  OH - and yesterday, I found another pattern that I'm supposed to be making a sample of and I might start cutting that one as well!  Some of these don't need to be quilted so that is good!

Here is my working space.  This is where I'm supposed to do any hand stitching, figuring out fabric or whatever.  My goal is to clear this space today so on top of the customer stuff and a guild meeting, it's going to be a busy day!!!!

Stuff to tidy up today!
 And I've acquired ONE more license plate!!!

Number 17
Still haven't counted those from 2015.   Nope - can't go there!

Anyway - on that note - I'm out of here.

Have a super awesome day and hopefully you get outside.  Last evening, I had dinner outside, read a bit and even had a nap in my secret garden space and it was gorgeous.


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