Thursday, June 9, 2016


Amazing what can happen when you have deadlines. 

I've been very good in the evening and getting things quilted or sewn.  I'm now down to three rows to finish off that quilt for next week.  Doesn't that sound awfully cheeky - "oh yes, I'll have that quilt done by Tuesday"  and it's Thursday and I'm still sewing the top!   Deadlines will do that to you!

I also got this little Halloween bag quilted in a cute spider web pattern with invisible thread.  Looks awesome. 

Halloween bag

And then there is the memory. Slowly going, but I can see that this is going to be a problem.  The new gym location requires that you place your membership card in the locking mechanism on the inside of the locker.  Without that card in the slot, you can't turn the lock to lock the locker.  Well - I was at the gym yesterday morning and guess what?  I got an e-mail this morning, advising me that I had left my card at the gym.  Who thinks to take the card out of the door?   Yes - I think this is a design flaw of those locks.  It means after I show my card at the front desk, I have to carry that card in my hand and put it in the locker.  One more detail to remember.  I envision getting a lot more e-mails in the future!!!!   And I really really like that location and I really really love the fact that I miss the traffic.

So what's with the weather?  I actually wore gloves to walk Miss Lexi this morning.  I don't know what the temperature was, but it was cool and I was quite happy to have my gloves on. Miss Lexi was thrilled with the cool temperature!

One last visit to the surgeon and I'm happy to report that despite some aches in my knee, it's in pretty good shape.  I think I actually ran a few steps today and no problem on the bike.  The more time that passes, the better it will get.  I'm envisioning it will be as good as new soon.  AH - I'm such an optimist!!!!

Have you ever read Minette Walter's books?  The ones I've read take place in small villages in England.  Very creepy and twisted murders, but I love them.  I'm now reading The Scold Bridle.  OK - I'm sucked in - I want to know what happens and I have binding to do.   Hmmm this is where audio books come in very handy!

Have a great day!!!


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