Friday, June 24, 2016

Some cool tips

Somewhere along the way, I got into making dog beds or cat mats or whatever you want to call them. I got inundated with scraps to the point where I'm no longer accepting scraps.  I did pick up a box of scraps last night at a store that someone dropped off or someone collected.  Anyway - it's in the car, but for future, I have enough scraps to deal with.

However, I saw this amazing video tip this morning that is perfect for those of you who have scraps and want to make a dog bed.  Have a watch - it's a super idea and I might just do it.

Now you know you're in the right job when you don't even realize it's Friday and especially when you don't anticipate that next weekend (not this one) is a long weekend.  OMG - a long weekend.  What will I do my extra day?

Here's another neat tip. OK - most people would be horrified, but I thought it was a great time saver!  I hate, absolutely hate to go shopping for shoes and clothes.   I hate wandering the stores looking for something and then try it on and it looks like awful!  I've devised a better way. I was at the gym this morning and the receptionist had on a great pair of pants. Now will they look good on me?  I don't know, but they were awesome. I asked her where she got them - now isn't that clever?  She gave me the name of the store and the price. Perfect on both accounts - I think I can manage that. I believe there is a store in our local mall. The receptionist is slim and while I'm in not bad shape, she did give me the once over when I asked her the question - perhaps evaluating whether an "old" lady like me would look good in those pants!  I don't care!   Now, I'm on the hunt for new shoes!  I'll be watching your feet!

Have a great day!!!!


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