Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best friends ever!!!!

Writing this blog over the years has been a fabulous journey.  I will admit that while I know a lot of you read the blog, I mostly write it for myself. It keeps me on track with my life - I have a memory like a sieve. My mother kept a journal  (and probably still does) for her ENTIRE life.  I have started written journals from time to time, but my handwriting sucks and I find it hard to write with a pen.  So this blog has become my journal.

BUT, there are times when I've reached out to you and you've helped!  I love that.  So if anyone happens to be looking for something, don't be afraid to ask me and I'd be happy to try and find whatever you're looking for. Heck, I may even have it in my stash.

So a huge shout out to Peggy and Shelley for finding (remembering) the names/designers of the quilts that I wanted to put labels on.  This is why it's important to make labels for your quilts.  I made these quilts in 2015 and I can't remember?  I have a LOT of quilt tops waiting to be quilted and I'm not sure I'm going to remember all the names when it comes time to put a label on them. My new rule is when the top, the binding and the backing get put away while they wait to be quilted, I'm also going to put the pattern with the items.  Now isn't that clever????

The first one was the Pioneer Spirit Mystery Quilt for Quilts at the Creek 2015 by Border Creek Station.  Even though the quilt did hang at Quilts at the Creek, there was NO label on the quilt. Well - they had a label - I did not!  And here's a photo of my quilt hanging at the outdoor show.

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Pioneer Spirit Mystery Quilt

I'm happy to report that the label is now printed on fabric and just needs to be sewn on the quilt.  That task will go in the Task Master (not this week), but next week.

Believe it or not, but Shelley had bookmarked the day I blogged the pattern name for the second quilt.  Syncopated Rythm by Karen Montgomery.  Timeless Treasures - Tonga Batiks!!!   Wow - I'm so excited that I was able to get those two pattern names and the labels are made!
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Syncopated Rythm by Karen Montgomery

Only thousands of images on the internet if you know what you're looking for.   Here is the blog post where I was madly making tons of squares for these quilts.

That label is also made and will get sewn on next week.
Four quilt labels - DONE
If you would like to learn how to print ONE label at a time, check out this resource page that I wrote up earlier this year.

This focus thing is crazy!!!  It's been heads down to get things done, but HUGE progress is being made although I can't share everything with you at the moment.

My cutting table looked like this last night.  It's a bit better this morning as I needed to cut some fabric for a weird binding job.  More on that another day.

A mess! (as usual)
That's it for today.  Thanks again for following the blog.  If you want to find something, need some advice, let me know. Not that I'm ever lacking for things to write about!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Elaine How big at your printed labels? They look quite large, but I'm thinking that is the camera angle?

  2. Thanks Elaine - always glad to help if I can. I keep a quilt journal in addition to labelling, so I log details of each quilt, table runner, wall-hanging etc that I make and put a photo of each in it. The first couple of journals were ones I bought, but now I am using a ruled notebook from the dollar store. I log the date completed, pattern, who it was made for, fabric line, workshop, or whatever else is relevant.

    1. Peggy - you are TOO good. I should probably do that and you're so right - the dollar store books are perfect for that. We don't need fancy notebooks to keep track of our stuff!