Saturday, December 10, 2016

I need a doll!

I don't really need or want a doll, but when you see some of the doll clothes that you can make - well, what girl (big or small) wouldn't want a doll.  But I have to say that  I'm more interested in the clothes than any old doll!

Jan bought these outfits for her grand daughters (a steal at $15 per outfit!) and had them at Monday Maniac sewing last week.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Of course, I want to make some. Why?  Just because I can!

Doll outfits

Doll dress with matching hat

I've no need for them, and yep - I could buy them, but what is the fun in that?  Nope - these things need to be experienced in order to have fun with it.

I swore that I had bought a book a couple of years ago on 18" doll clothes.  I even spoke to the store that I would have purchased it from and she also thinks I bought a book. The question is - where is the book?  I've looked in the doll section (I know - very sad) of my quilting library - no book on doll clothes. I've searched the rest of the book cases in the event it got misfiled. No luck. That means if I did buy a book, it is in a project box somewhere.

And one thing lead to another and that got me thinking that maybe the book is on that table full of stuff. More on that little adventure another day.

Bottom line - I probably won't be making doll clothes. I have no need, even though it would be fun. But the Task Master was yelling at me as I searched the studio for that book. It kept saying - NO NO NO!!!  Seriously?  That Task Master is going to a pain in my side! BUT we (the Task Master and I) did reach an agreement and I'm not one to back out of a commitment. I'll be introducing the Task Master over the next couple of weeks. While I love her, I also hate her!

However I do want to say that Jan's doll clothes didi spark an idea that I'm going to explore. You'll just have to wait for that - it's going to be cute cute cute!!!!   Totally impractical, but cute!

And then last night, just to prove to the Task Master, who really is in charge here - I quilted this quilt.  Nope - it wasn't on any list!  The Task Master was a bit peeved, but I promised to make it up today.

Quilt - DONE

Beautiful feathers

Here's the story of why this happened. I needed to take a photo of a quilt back made from Northcott fabric that was loaded on the long arm. While it was loaded, I figured I might as well quilt the quilt rather than take it off. Seemed like such a waste of time to load it and then take it off again.

Now if you want to know why I needed a photo - if you are signed up for the Northcott newsletter, you already know. But if you don't get the newsletter, then check out this link.  These are useful (I think - since I wrote them) articles on quilting tips. Some are long, some are short!  But check out the last one - it's all about prepping your quilt backing.  If there are any other tips that you would like to see on this page, let me know - I'd be happy to do the research and write them!

Today, Katheleen is here using the long arm. I don't rent out my machine often these days, but I needed to be at the sewing machine and so the timing worked for both of us. While she's at the long arm, I'm madly sewing and I hope to share a few projects with you tomorrow. I've got to keep that Task Master happy!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super awesome day!!!


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  1. Saw an adorable baby doll on E-Mail. she looks just like my beautiful niece, in mouth and face. I am tempted to buy her. Have a few Terri Lee Dolls, from 1950's. I got one from SANTA then.