Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sweat shop!

What a super productive day! Katheleen came over bright and early to get working on her two big quilts. She needs them done by Christmas and a whole lot easier to do on the long arm than the domestic machine.

This is a pattern she designed herself based on something she saw on my blog.  I LOVE this quilt.  It's very fun and I'm going to adapt it to perhaps make a pattern.  The colors are stunning and it's fabric that she's been collecting for a couple of years. Thanks for the inspiration Katheleen!!!!

Katheleen's quilt - DONE
 Then she loaded the second quilt and made quick work of that one too.

Katheleen's second quilt - DONE
 That's a LOT of work to get two big quilts done in one day!!!!   Very impressive Katheleen and I think she's a natural for the long arm.  Very smooth curves - she was definitely in the groove.

And what did I get done?  I'm amazed at how much I accomplished and how many things got checked off the list.

I was able to bind not one, not two, but THREE quilts. Yes - they are completely done with the machine on both sides, but that's OK for where these quilts are destined.

Three quilts bound!
 I even hand stitched the corners down.  There were a couple that I thought that there was way too much binding and others, I thought I didn't have enough.  In the end, all was just right.

Leftover binding
 And I leave those bits of binding like that. I have a huge pile that will be used when I start binding those scrapppy quilts.

While I have flourescent lighting in the studio, I find that there are dark spots, in particular where my sewing machine is currently set up.  Oh - if I could afford to redo the lights! Well, instead of wishing that I had more lighting, I finally solved the problem by setting up a light.

Ah - extra light
 Now here's the thing - that light has been sitting in the studio for years UNUSED. Can you see it in the top left hand corner against the white door???  What am I waiting for?  Someone to move it for me???  Now the light is being used and I"m happy!!!

Where the light used to sit!  

But wait, there's more.  I keep the Task Master pretty close to the sewing machine and SHE glared at me all day. She kept naggin, "it's great that you're doing stuff, but you had better finish all the TO DOs from the previous week or else!"   OH alright! There were three things left from the previous week - don't worry, I'm going to explain how the Task Master works soon.  You may be sorry if you start one!

The Task Master (the orange book) watched me all day!!

But I got myself in gear and I finished this Everyday Market Tote. Yep - there was maybe one hour left to go. Can you tell me why we leave these half finished or almost finished things???

Everyday Market Tote bag - DONE
 It's a gift for my Mom to put her crocheting in.  I had extra fabric so making a pouch was also on the list of things to do.  The pouch is now done!

The matching pouch is done!
 If you want to make that same pouch, there is a free tutorial on-line that I created a couple of years ago. Now here's the thing - I like to put a lot of pictures in my tutorials and that would be a huge thing to print off. BUT if you have a tablet, load the tutorial on the tablet and voila - easy as pie to follow the instructions.

Oh and check out this post as well with some variations on the zippered pouch!

Using the tablet for following tutorials
 Let's see, I also prepped two hanging sleeves and they are pinned to the quilts. Time for some hand stitching later today.

When I was tidying up last night before closing down, I noticed this on the sewing machine. Oh Oh - time for a new needle. Can you see why?

A bit of a bend in that needle!
 When I was doing the top stitching on the Everyday Market Bag - the pattern is in the Fall 2016 issue of Quilts and More - called the Toddler Tote. I had to switch to a denim needle. The needle didn't break, but the machine wasn't happy. Don't forget your election sign for the bag bottom!

I came across this while I was tidying up that messy table the other  day - which I will show you what happened but not today.  So what's in this box???  ONE completed fleece mitten (which I've worn! - what was on the other hand?  who knows?)  But those mittens would be welcome whilst standing in the freezing temperature at the dog park!

The fleece mittens - well one fleece mitten and one partial mitten
There was an embroidery disk, two zippers, some elastic, three pieces of embroidery on fleece, the mitten pattern and some fleece samples. What was the intention of all that?  Who knows?

The embroidery patterns will go with the embroidery disks. The zippers will go in the zipper box, the three pieces of embroidered fleece?  Have to find something to do with three pieces. The samples of fleece - I'll have to find a home for them. And I'm going to finish the mitten.

A box of stuff

The almost completed second mitten

I mean seriously?  There is a basement full of stuff like this.  An hour or two and the project would be done.  What is my problem?  So it's things like this that get assigned to The Task Master and then - well, you'll see what happens. There's a whole lot of yelling, kicking and screaming and it all works out!

I do have errands to do today, so I won't get nearly as much done, but honestly, I'm in my glory in that studio. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. But let's keep in mind, the length of my tunnel is probably equilavent to the length of the Chunnel!   (23.5 miles in case you're wondering!)

On that note, I'm out of here. Don't forget that tomorrow is Motivational Monday.  If you don't have that list of 12 UFOs done yet, you better have it written down by tomorrow. There's another assignment waiting for you.  Remember, it all takes us one step closer to getting our quilting lives in order.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Congrats on all those finished bindings. That's great. I love doing binding on a machine. I've gotten really good at it and it looks great now that I have a lot of practice. Your bags look great too. It looks like you have had a great day.

    1. Thanks Ariane - awesome day! I'm slowing converting to the machine only binding, but it's simply because of time!

  2. I have that same mitten pattern! it is by far my favourite:)