Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Check, check and check!

Even though I have stuff that I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, I did take a couple of days off and work on some fun things. Well that's not entirely true.

I'm participating in a group project. We each chose a theme and every month, we got someone else's project and have to make a block.  I was doing great at keeping up and then one meeting, the person who was to pass to me wasn't at the meeting so I didn't get the package and I missed the following meeting so now I was TWO behind.  Not good, especially when the reveal is THIS WEEK!!

That was my errand this past weekend. I had to go and retrieve both of the projects so I could get my blocks done.  Last night, I got one of them done (checked off in the Task Master!) and started and almost finished the second one this morning.  Yeah!!!!   It's a great feeling to get these things done.

Yes - there are people waiting on other stuff from me and I'm changing gears to get some of those things done. The list is pretty small and I'm very happy about that!

I used to participate in a fair number of these group projects until it became the ONLY thing I had time to work on.  I said I wouldn't do any more. But I caved on this one and it hasn't been too bad to keep up, but in light of my goals for 2017 - I'm NOT going to participate in anything like this for 2017. Some of us might extend the project by one or two months and I'm OK with that.  I can't wait to see the reveal this Thursday!!!!

While I was working on those blocks, I did manage to get some enders and leaders through the machine. What did I make with those enders and leaders????  Not one, but TWO sets of blocks for the 150 Canadian Women (and TWO red/white quilts for my collection!)

Blocks from last week 7-8-9 - Checked off in the Task Master

Blocks from the previous week  4 - 5- 6 - Checked off in the Task Master

The previous week blocks were done, I just hadn't had time to post them.  I did print off the next three blocks and hope to get them cut this evening. That's NINE out of 150. 1/15th of the project.  Can I keep up?  Well, if they remain this simple - yes I can!  Great enders and leaders project!

And on that note, I'm sequestered at home today with a TON of writing to do. It'll be posted on the Northcott website this week.  If you do NOT get the monthly newsletter, you should scoot on over and get yourself signed up.  It's ONCE a month - we do not have time for more frequently than that. You'll get notification of new collections shipping to stores, a monthly quilting tip (by me) and a free pattern (also by me).  The sign up button is in the top left hand corner.  The next newsletter comes out this Friday so sign up now!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Your doing great! I love your 150 Canadian women blocks. I plan on making these too. But haven't started yet.

  2. Weeelll, Her I was hoping your errand involved an "M",lol. /maybe you are keeping it on the down low yet? I have saved all the blocks to date in a flash drive but nothing happening beyond that yet. There's time:)