Saturday, December 17, 2016

Running late....

It seems to be the story around here these days.  Running late for everything. I blame it completely on the weather!

Yes, despite the fact that we had snow on Thursday, we had snow last night and I think we're getting more snow tomorrow.  I think we could safely say that we've had more snow so far in December than we had all last winter?  It must be getting close!

Let's say that with two dogs in the house and all that snow?  Not pretty!

While I don't mind the shoveling, it eats up quilting time!  Got loads of show n tell over the next couple of days - I'm in the process of editing pictures, but that Task Master is pretty much yelling at me to get my butt downstairs.

If you've been following my blog, you know that I have technical difficulties when it comes to printing. I don't even bother to print from my laptop. Why suffer needless frustration?  So I've been wanting to print some labels for quilts this past week - yep - it's on the list. And finally last night, DH was home and I was home so I made up the labels on the computer and e-mailed them to him. He printed the labels on paper for proofing and then I put the fabric in the printer and VOILA - I got four labels ready to sew on quilts. I have four more to make today. Oh yes - this finishing projects is treated very seriously in our house!

Not too worry, I spent last night working on the project that went into the tub where the mittens resided for many years. I know, I shouldn't be starting something new, but I rarely make stuff for other people and now that I'm not making samples - well, I want to make stuff for other people.  I can't help it!!!  I would love to make something for everyone, but that isn't possible - not yet!  When I die, you'll all get something - if you're still around!

On that note, a few of us ventured out to the last class at Sew Sisters this morning. The roads weren't too bad and now home, the driveway is clear, the dogs are exhausted, the blogs are done and I'm ready to hit the sewing machine.

Have a super day!!!!


Oh - I think Lexi has something to say today.  She certainly has an attitude!

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