Friday, December 9, 2016

The Power of a photograph!

Well if you look closely at this blog today, you'll notice that there are NO pictures. Why is that? Oh - it's not for lack of photos to share with you. Nope - that would be because SOMEONE (and I won't mention any names here!) did NOT reboot the computer and it's super slow. This resulted in not being able to load the photos in a timely manner. Hence, there are no photos.

Let's just said that said person, in frustration, shut the computer down without closing anything and so tomorrow will be a different story. I think the person involved got the message and she said that she'll try to reboot the computer at least once a week so this won't happen again. I'll wait to see if that happens.

However, two things triggered an idea in my head over the last couple of days. One, I did take pictures of and I'll share with you tomorrow. The other was something that I saw at Quilt Market. I couldn't remember exactly what the item looked like and I was certain that I had taken a photo. I searched through my Market photos yesterday and could NOT find the particular photo that I wanted, however, last night while driving to Waterloo, I remembered where the photo was stored. Came in this morning and VOILA - there is the photo and while I did remember the item, it's much simpler than I thought it was and that's a good thing!  More on that in a bit. It pays to take TONS of pictures at Market, got the item, got the booth number, I'm set!

I know, this blog is pretty much a mysterious mess this morning!

Here's a little side note about Facebook.  I like Facebook. It's a great way to catch up with people without actually having to e-mail them or phone them. I keep in touch with family members, friends, and acquaintances.  However, there is one little annoying habit that has started on Facebook that drives me crazy. These DARE posts.  I'm not sure if that's the name, but someone posts something (and I'm getting more savvy on this as the posts are usually a bit over the top). You make a comment and then WHAMO - you get a message saying that you now have to do something.  DELETE!

This so reminds me of the chain letters we used to get. Remember those?  Send $1 to everyone on the list or your family will suffer many hardships or whatever the bad luck was.  I think I may have participated in one or two in wild anticipation of becoming rich or laden with 5" charms.  Nope - don't do those.  And certainly, would never participate in one of those posts on Facebook.  Sorry friends and family!

I promise that tomorrow there will be pictures.  Can you believe that I have an entire weekend with NO commitments? Well, there are two things going to happen, but neither of them is critical and actually one of them is going to keep me chained to my sewing machine all day which is a good thing as that Task Master is getting impatient. It's telling me there are things outstanding from last week and I had better get my act together.

On that note, enjoy the snow and have a super day!


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