Thursday, December 8, 2016

I will get it done - some day......

I got sidetracked and I forgot about blogging today!

I had a very productive day yesterday - got loads written and hopefully able to share with you all soon. 

In addition to cleaning up the sewing UFOs, I'm trying to make a dent in some of the other areas of the house. Well actually, there is only ONE area, besides the studio that needs some work. The dining room/my office has become a dumping ground for anything that doesn't fit in the rest of the house. And wouldn't it be great to have room to actually work on paperwork -  my favourite thing. 

So what happens when people give me stuff?  Yep - it usually ends up along this wall. There are quilt books, pet mats, stuff from the guild, and stuff that is waiting to be donated. 

Stuff to deal with

As much as I do find the occasional treasure among all this stuff, I'm going to start saying NO. I just don't have time to deal with and don't want to deal with this kind of stuff anymore. So if you're thinking of giving me something, don't ask!

I received a number of bags of quilting books.  Most are older books, but I did (finally) sort through them.  I'm not done, but it was easy to sort out the ones that I for sure don't want. There is still a stack on my kitchen table that needs to be dealt with.

Three bags of quilt books
Then there were the other books. A box of novels that I'm finished with and they need to be donated. Let's not forget that almost TWO years ago, we emptied our kitchen of everything. While most of it was dealt with - at least half of it was given away, there remained TWO bags of stuff pulled from the recipe drawer.

Two bags of recipe books and a box of novels

So the other night, I went through the two bags of recipe books.  I kept ONE book - the original cookbook that I have had for years. Not that I ever use it, but well - I had to keep one. There is so much on the internet these days, who uses a recipe book?

Then there was ONE bag full of recipes clipped from magazines, recipes given to me by others.  What am I going to do with all that????

One bag of magazine clippings and other ????
I will go through this bag in more detail only because there are some hand written recipes that I want to keep. The rest is being tossed!!!!

And so, there is one box of recipe books, one box of quilting books and one box of novels that are waiting to go.

The donation pile begins

I need to find a nice dry spot to store this until I can go through more stuff and then call the donation people to come pick up everything. Plus there is stuff in the garage!

There are a few more things in that dining room that don't belong to me or are slated for another home. What I need to do is to get them to their proper home.

I have some free weekends coming up and I hope to get myself busy and make a good dent in there. At least now, I'm motivated to make it happen. Just need the time.

And on that note, I'm off to get more stuff done today!

Have a super day!



  1. Hi, Elaine: I just found your blog and I'm excited to join your motivational Mondays. Although I work full-time, I tend to get to things over the weekend, so I'm scheduling a Monday update each week to track my progess. I'm laid up with an injured knee right now, so I'm working on cleaning up my computer files first.

    1. Hi Terri - hope that knee heals real soon. It's not fun! Join the FAcebook page for Motivational Mondays and keep up with the rest of us as we slog through our UFO piles!

  2. I've come to realise that some people just can't throw stuff out, they must pass it along. I will accept that "stuff" and usually without even looking thru' it, will donate or trash it. I have enough of my own "stuff" to sort thru' without adding more to it! lol

    1. Sandra - you are so right!!!! PErhaps I would help those by doing exactly what you do. Accept it and trash it!

  3. We have 3 charity shops in our area but my favourite is the Care and Share shop in Stouffville. They have a quilt group that meets there for hand quilting at least twice a week and they love to get quilty donations. It's a Mennonite group so if they can't use it, or sell it in their shop, they will send it on to another group. My UFOs usually go there.