Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nothing to say!

Oh my god - can it actually be happening?  I have NOTHING to say today?  Well hardly!

It's just that EVERYTHING I'm working on is secret at the moment. I shoved the camera card into the computer this morning to see what pictures I have and well, between the secret stuff and the darn dogs (and Lexi would be MAD if I posted her stuff!) there were NO pictures to edit!

An emergency project came up at work that had to be done last night (and it got done by this morning!)  That means I had to put my other URGENT project by the wayside and will continue work on that tonight.  I really really want it done by Friday.  There is hope, but it'll be tight.

Did I put the emergency project in the Task Master?  You bet I did.  I want The Task Master to be a total journal of my quilting adventures. Every little detail is going to be documented if for no other reason than to prove to myself that YES I do get stuff done!!!

There are some fun new free projects coming down the pipeline so watch for those.  Oh my, how I've changed.  I used to "need" a pattern for everything I sewed.  Now I just wing it and then make up the pattern afterwards.  Although it would be good to make a prototype, THEN make the actual item and then make the pattern!  No time for a prototype, but all is good!  I"m having a blast and that is all that counts.  It's truly "sad" when you bring your sewing machine to work and actually get to sew from time to time.

On that note, I'm out of here.  Loads to get done.

Have a super day!!!


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