Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's in your purse - part 2!

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a bit obsessed. I get onto something and won't let it go. On the other hand, I'm lazy. Like not cleaning the purse out until it is jammed full and there is simply no more room for anything!

We went to the movies (Rogue One) on Christmas Day. While we did have dinner at the theater in the restaurant (VIP Lounge which was our ONLY splurge during Christmas - no exchanging of gifts), I still managed to buy a bag of Twizzlers when the girl came around once we were seated.  Yes - I NEED a bag of Twizzlers which I promptly crammed into my purse and well - that was the last straw.  The purse was full and I had no choice but to empty it the next day.  

So - what do you have in your purse????

The purse is bursting!
I think Michael (Kors) would be appalled that I filled his beautiful purse with so much stuff.  But on the other hand, a good selling feature is "look at all that you can put in that purse!!"

There is the emergency food stash. OK - so it's candy and chocolate, but still - that's for emergencies!

Emergency food supplies

Ooops - more chocolate, some mail, and some gift cards

Am empty candy wrapper, a shopping list, and an expired parking permit
Not one, but THREE bottles of SierraSil that different people gave me, PLUS TWO bottles of Advil that I bought.  Yep - the box has another bottle in it!!!  You never know when you're going to need lots of drugs!  And I hardly ever take a pill!!!


A wallet filled with receipts and other junk

Receipts shoved in the bottom

A fabric postcard, a notebook and a piece of paper with a phone number on it

Reusable bag and hand cream

Jewelry - note there is only ONE ear ring and yes - there is a bracelet in the Pandora bag

Writing instruments  - OH and a fork!!!

A loose dime, a key (to the house????), an empty plastic bag and the bag from Murphy's dog tag

An elastic band and the missing ear ring

In the pocket, I found a wad of cash and my car insurance and registration

TWO copies of expired insurance in the folder (plus the current one)

Nail file, MORE drugs, lip balm (all contained in that little black bag)

A pack of sewing machine needles - who knew!

Expired lotto tickets (from the wallet)

More stuff from the wallet - more cash, boarding pass from November, etc. 

I removed all the stuff that didn't need to be in the purse. I still have to deal with some of it, but lots went in the garbage or recycling or got put where it is supposed to hang out.

Purse looks pretty decent now

Remember that I weighed the purse when it was full of all that stuff????  Well let's weight it again.

1.53 KG.  I think it was 2.75 KG last time.  Yikes!!!!

The trick will be to clean it on a regular basis!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!


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  1. I always can tell when my purse has too much in it as it gets too heavy to comfortably carry. This especially happens when I have been to my local quilt shop, looking for fabric to go with something. Several plastic bags of somethings really add to the weight of a purse!