Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tidy up time!

Really? What's with the weather here? It's above zero - the snow is melting in the dog park and if it keeps warm like this, it's going to be one big mud bath!  No!!! We can't have that!  Although, it does make for a pleasant time at the dog park when it's milder, two muddy dogs???   ICK!

So let's talk about labels for a quick second. I made this quilt a couple of years ago.

Baby quilt

Someone gave me the cut off bits and not knowing what was going to happen to them, I made half square triangles from them. Then I made pinwheels. It took a while to find a matching yellow for the quilt and then the border. But this is what I ended up with. And to think that a good part of it came from something that was going to be thrown away!   It was quilted last summer (2015) and the binding put on.  I was going to give it to someone, but never got around to making that happen. At last, it's going out the door but to a different recipient.  I want to make that other baby a different quilt!  I washed it last night so the recipient wouldn't be shocked when they washed it.  It looks beautiful!

The question is - how to label the quilt. The person receiving the quilt isn't a quilter, probably won't value it as a handmade quilt - it's a favor to DH. They don't really need or care for the how and why this quilt was made. There is no pattern involved, I just made it up!  So does it need a label??  I decided that it does NOT need a label. BUT I would like it to have something to identify who made it without a formal label.

My friend Lorna (Sew Fresh Quilts) has been using these labels on her quilts and I decided that for some of my quilts that this kind of label would suffice.

Nice way to label a quilt

Honestly, I think some of the younger crowd would appreciate a label like this since it looks like a purchased item rather than a hand made item.

I tried to order my labels yesterday and the darn web ordering system didn't like my postal code!!!!   Sent them a message and going to try again after the holidays!!!

But pretty cool - don't you think???  On Monday, I'm going to show you something else that I'm doing with this quilt and it all ties back to The Task Master and getting stuff done. My quilt will go out into the world with NO label. I'm OK with that.

What am I putting on my labels??  You'll have to wait until I get them and then I'll show you.

I'm not sure why I'm so put off with Christmas this year. It's not like I don't want to have anything to do with it. But one of the local radio stations started playing Christmas music ALL the time at the end of November. I can't handle it. I switched back to my other radio station from time to time, but I can't stand one of the morning people.  I NEVER switch radio stations, but I'm doing it a lot these days.  Trying out yet another radio station. Might have to get audio books for the drive to and from work!

Anyway, the radio stations are FILLED with ads - buy this, buy that! And the sales!  There are PRE-BOXING day sales.  It's enough to drive one to madness.  I'm EXTREMELY happy with my decision about Christmas this year.  I plan on sewing all day, well except when I'm at the dog park and the movies!  The pressure on EVERYONE to buy presents, have dinner, spend time with people they don't like (well - and people they do like!)  but - I just don't take this kind of pressure well any more.   Oh my GOD - I'm my MOTHER!!!!!

As I was browsing my book case to find the next book to read, I came across this book.

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham
HA!!!   Someone gave it to me years ago and this is the perfect time to read it. It's fast and easy - I'll probably be done by tonight or tomorrow.   Yep - I agree with everything they've said so far, but I know they slip and end up celebrating.  What tipped the scales for them???   When I'm done, the book goes in the give away pile so if anyone wants it.................

And look what I found in the book.

Chickadee magazine
Good grief - that must have been a LONG LONG time agao.  Let's check the date??

September 2004
I think it's time to move on!!!!   Nuff said!

I'm making good progress at reading the books on my shelf. While it doesn't look like it, there are major holes.  I'll maybe have a recap one day in the new year. As I've mentioned before, a lot of my books belong to a series  (and they are sorted by author on my shelf!). And people have given me books (NO - I don't want any more!) and so I find out the next book in the series and if I have it on my shelf, I'll read it. If I don't, then I get it from the library.  Today, I lucked out. I checked TWO series for the next book - one had to be ordered from the libary, the other one was on my shelf. I should count the books at the beginning of the year and see how many are left at the end of the year. Not that it matters, just curious!

I'm making great progress on that darn project!  If I were to count ONLY the part that I wanted to have done by Friday, I'm almost 1/4 done. If I count the additional part that I located in the studio, then I'm 1/6 done!  Not to worry, I'm making progress. The old me would have moved on as this is VERY fiddly. But I think I can get it all done by Wednesday AM????   That's my new goal and I should be able to meet that deadline as I have the next FOUR days with nothing to do but sew!!!  Well except for the dog park and the movie!

One of those days will be spent with a few friends sewing in the studio. You know what means......

The studio from one direction

And the opposite direction
 I would say a bit of tidy up time is in order.  I'll do a little bit everyday. It alreadys looks better after about 20 minutes. Every spare bag will be called to duty to make the tidy up happen.  Now if I could only find a hiding spot for it all.  Then I could pull out ONLY what I'm working on.  I doubt that is going to happen, but we'll see what we can do!

On that note, I'm out of here to get some work done!!!!  I'm debating whether I keep working ONLY on that fiddly project or do I swap just to get a break.  Hey - I could quilt a quilt. Yep - that's what I'll do.

Have a super day!!!!


BTW - I do believe Lexi was at the computer earlier this moring.


  1. Merry Christmas Elaine! There is a movie called Christmas with the Kranks that is based on the Skipping Christmas book, in case you are in the mood for a Christmas movie.

    1. Thanks Peggy - might have to watch it one day! Apparently M knows about that movie and texted me to say she was coming home (this was on Christmas Eve!) But I was onto her!