Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oh - I forgot!

I hope today isn't going to be another day like yesterday!  I just couldn't get myself going. Well, that's not exactly true, I did get going, but it seemed to take forever!

At the end of the day, after standing in the dog park for 1/2 hour, I got home and the big question was - "Do I want to go into the studio to do some work?"  The answer was NO.  But not surprisingly, I could hear The Task Master yelling at me.  "Get your butt down here - there is much work to be done!"

I obediently went downstairs.  I have self-imposed deadlines and stuff needs to be finished.  And I got stuff done.  I even took pictures of it and I even edited the photos, but then I forgot to upload the photos to the blog!  So trust me - The Task Master is doing her job, getting and keeping me motivated.  I'll share the work with you tomorrow.

I even took a picture of the surpise that I found on the dining room table, but alas, that didn't get loaded either!

Instead, I'll share a couple of other things with you this morning. On the weekend,  I was flipping through some of those books that were given to me. I came across a headline in one of the books. Oh my - I had to read it. The book is called Traditional Needle Arts Patchwork by Diana Lodge.

This title caught my eye - Template Free Patchwork. Now we must keep in mind that this book is copyright 1994.   Here's the blurb from the page "Patchwork quiltmaking has changed dramatically since its inceptions thanks to new cutting and sewing methods. Sewing machines, rotary cutters, and other labor saving devices have enabled many quiltmakers to concentrate on design, color choices, and the enjoyment of the creation of a quilt rather than the repetitive and time-consuming preparations that were necessary in the past.
The most important tool in template-free patchwork is the rotary cutter, which enables the quiltmaker to cut through four layers of fabric at once - a great time saver, especially when hundreds of pieces are required. The tool is extremely accurate when used properly and will also speed up the sewing because the pieces fit together easily. It is used in conjunction with a self-healing mat and a thick plastic ruler manufactured especially for quiltmakers."

I LOVE IT!!!!!   TEMPLATE FREE!   We don't even think about this today.  Almost all patterns are designed/made to be template free.  If it weren't for the rotary cutter, I wonder where we would be? I do agree that we have a lot more freedom in design/color choices since we don't need to spend so much time on the prep - OK  - who am I kidding?  All aspects of making a quilt TAKE TIME - LOTS and LOTS of time!!!!

And the other thing I want to share with you today are these videos from Handiquilter. Some great videos on different designs.  Plus there is a lot of other good material on their website regarding thread tension, problems when quilting and much more.  Check it out.

Handiquilter videos

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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