Thursday, December 29, 2016

The light is getting very bright!

While I did take a day off from my fiddly project when the ladies were over to sew (I'll post some pictures of what I did that day), I've been VERY dedicated to getting this fiddly project completed. It is obscene and if I ever decide to do this again - just shoot me before I start!   I"m surprised at how focused I can be when I want to be!  The old me would have abandoned this project weeks ago!

I'm happy to report that the first part is 100% complete, but you knew that. The second part is 70% complete.  I worked last night and this morning and made good progress. Perhaps one more night?  I would love to say that I work for hours and hours, but no - I work for one hour or so and then that's it. I can't take the fiddliness.  I could set it aside and work on something else?  I could, but then I'd have to change the needle and the thread and I'm too lazy. I did contemplate setting up a second sewing machine to work on the other projects, but no, I didn't do that!

This is all I'm going to show you for the moment. 

I did have to change spools of thread but one was because I ran out of thread..................

Ran out of thread

Finished with this color

And this color - not much left and this was my second spool!

Here is the box of thread that I've been using for the project.  Fortunately, that box is currently much emptier than when this photo was taken.

Threads for the project
If I'm using a lot of different threads for a project, I like to find a container of some sort to put them in. If not, yep - those darn threads are all over the floor and I have to get down and find them. Putting them in the box prevents that from happening!

One more spool - gone!

All the bits for the project were cut. However, I realized that one part wasn't the right size and I've had to go back to my stash to find more fabric. I needed more of this purple fabric. I opened up the purple scrap box and VOILA - the matching fabric was right on top!!!!   That's the beauty of getting things done BEFORE you use up all the scraps so if you need more, you have more!

Matching purple scrap - right on top!

One more thread - gone!

So if I'm really really good, I could get this finished tonight??? I did say Thursday morning and technically I could meet that deadline.  Just not sure it's the best day to "present" the project.  You'll see what I mean.

It's a winter wonderland out there this morning.  The snow is coming down fast and furious. It took me slightly longer than normal on the road, but not such a big deal. Would have been nice to snap a photo or two, but alas that is not allowed and the camera was NOT in the car!

I'm off to cut, cut, and cut more fabric for a couple of upcoming projects.  The story of my life.  It's Thursday - let's start FIVE new projects today! Well not quite, but it seems that way.  That's one thing that I really should keep track of as well.  Not only the accomplishments for 2017 but how many NEW projects got started.  A new page to create in the Task Master.

Have a super day!!!!!


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