Sunday, December 18, 2016

Name that quilt!

So yesterday, you heard my story about printing labels.  Last night, I was prepping the second sheet of labels that I wanted to print and well, I'm always telling people that you should give credit to the pattern maker, inspiration or whatever.

I print four labels on one sheet.  I was good with two labels, but I had two quilts made from patterns and where could those darn patterns be?  I searched through my patterns and NOPE - I can't find either one. I took pictures and posted them on Facebook and I got the name of ONE of the quilts!!!   Yeah - and big thanks to Peggy.

The second one?  I don't think I'll be able to find it.  I found this blog post from 2015 when I made the original quilt. It's the bright colored one!  Guess what - I couldn't find the pattern then!  It was a free pattern that came with a pack of 42-inch squares. It had a name - duh!   Rainbow???   And I'm sort of thinking it came from Timeless? Tonga? Oh - I know the pattern is here, but since it was a single sheet of paper, there's a good chance it's in a pile somewhere.  I've searched the internet and no luck in finding it. So if anyone knows that pattern - I would like to know the name of it!!!!

Home from class yesterday and ready to work.  The Task Master is calling my name and although I'm getting work done, I might have been a bit aggressive in scheduling some activities.

BUT - I did get the labels on three quilts and the sleeve on one and now these three quilts are ready to fly the coop. There is a bit of a timing issue with a couple of them so they won't be leaving until after Christmas and then I can share them with you.  Yep - those were on the list!  Check, check and check!

Three quilts now have labels

Then I spend a good part of yesterday working on something else that is on the list. Sorry - can't share as it's a gift as well.  Hope to be done by Tuesday so I can share with you then.

I was so focused this morning that I didn't even pay attention to the time. The dogs are pretty good in the morning and will leave me alone - after they do their initial quick business outside and when I came upstairs - it was almost 7:30.  Time for the dog park.  Now I'm trying to thaw out. I looked at the temperature and while it's not cold outside, the wind is a bit brisk!  Tea and hot porridge and hand warmers should do the trick!

But the fun part is that I get to do whatever I want today. Well - you know what I mean - no appointments, no commitments, no shopping, no parties or baking.  I'm so obsessed with sewing and it's been almost twenty years???  God help me!

I did get some made up pet mats yesterday and also some empty ones. Which is great as I have a bag of filling from my cutting table that I just threw into a plastic bag because I haven't had time to make up a fabric one yet.  Thanks, Mary!!!
Empty pet mats

Bag of filler for a pet mat

I am missing a zipper for my project today!  ONE blasted zipper.  While I have lots, I need a specific color and I need thread - lots of different colors.  So I pulled out all the thread - I don't think I'm going to need more. This should suffice - I hope. Nope - just remembered, I need dark brown thread as well.

Lots of thread colors
I wonder if Wal-Mart still carries zippers and thread?  A new one opened up very close to me and I could go there. Maybe I can find out on the internet. The Wal-Mart is at the mall, so perhaps it would be best to go to Fabricland. |There is NO time to waste today.  I'm going to sew as long as I can today (on three different projects) and when I hit a stop on one, I'll move to the next and then the next and then buy all the missing supplies at once, although I don't think anything else is missing but that one darned zipper and some brown thread.

Don't forget that tomorrow is MONDAY. That means there's another exciting episode of Motivational Monday.  Get on board and get those UFOs DONE!!!!!.

On that note - I'm off to have a play date in the sewing room!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Go to Bright Batik Rainbow (48″ x 40″)
    Pieced and Quilted by Sue Hickman Berryville, Va Spring 2009

    Looks like your quilt.

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's post - hoping you will finally release the details of the Taskmaster!

  3. Syncopated Rhythm. I faved the post where you showed the pattern name

    1. OH MY GOD!!!!! That's the name!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!

    2. Soooo, now that it is in front of me again and I think I would really like to make that and I go search for that pattern and it is to be had nowhere! Bummer

    3. I can't even offer you any assistance. Well - I don't have the pattern, but I could show you how it's done! I do remember that!

    4. I take it that it is a cut and shuffle? Is it similar to the scrap crazy? or the magic tiles?