Thursday, September 27, 2018

These are super cute!!!

Not a lot of time this morning if I want to meet my time schedule. Two more days before the weekend. It's still a crazy time, but things are looking up!

On Tuesday night, I went to hear Linwood Barclay present. In case you don't know him, he used to be a columnist for the Toronto Star. He has always wanted to be a writer (of books) and ten years ago, he had his first major book - "No time for goodbye".  It's a very good book. I've read one more of his books. They have a psychological component to them  - not just a murder mystery.

He's an EXCELLENT presenter. I could listen to him all day and I wonder if he reads his own audiobooks? He would be good at it.

Linwood Barclay

I hope to get back to reading in the next couple of days, but there are still too many deadlines to have that luxury. Don't worry - I've got things scheduled in HUGE letters to prevent this craziness from happening again.

I was so focused on Linwood, that I didn't get a picture of the beautifully quilted wallhanging in the church. It huge and hangs perfectly flat against the wall.

The other day I was in the grocery store and I saw these in the yogurt section. I couldn't help myself. I had to buy them. Actually, it was the lids that caught my attention.

The yogurt is in little GLASS pots. They are just the cutest!!!! They are called Petit Pot.

Riviera yogurt 

I bought the lemon flavored and yes it has a lot of sugar (14 gm per serving) but I'm OK with that. Actually, I just checked the Greek Yogurt that I usually eat - hmm 14 gm isn't bad. OK - I'm sold on these guys!

Look at how cute this is.

A Petit Pot of yogurt
 I had to confess to the cashier that I bought them because of the container. She said she did the same thing and that I should check out the other flavors. They make an EXCELLENT dessert and only 100 calories per serving.

Now, what does one do with all the leftover containers? You can buy lids so you could store things in them. And there's a website with 1001 tips

You know what the best part was? Eating from a GLASS container. We eat so much from plastic and it just tasted better in the glass container. Hmm - I didn't even check the price. But I want to try the other flavors and I'm sold on the idea of having this for dessert. Even though it has sugar in it, it also has protein and that's better than some little tart. OH - is it time to go the grocery store yet? I want to see what else they have.

Lids for the containers

Yesterday was a crazy day and I had two classes back to back. We're making quilts in one so you get to see the show n tell when the quilts are done. The other one was two young ladies learning to sew t-shirts. They were so enthusiastic and so funny. One of them finished the side seams and the two shoulder seams and then whipped the shirt inside out and tried it on. She did it so fast  - it was hilarious. They didn't quite finish their shirts, but they went away happy. I'll get pictures when they are finished to show you. I have some other pictures of classes and will post hopefully tomorrow.

I didn't have a chance to post the QUILTsocial link for yesterday so today you get two of them.

Here's the link for Wednesday post. And here's the post for today.

On that note, it's Sit n Sew again!!!  The studio is cleaned up for 10 of us to sew today. I won't show you what the area around the long arm looks like. It's an obstacle course, to say the least. I can make it from one end to another, but it's like the hurdles in track n field.

Yes - I have some serious work ahead of myself to get that organized.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the tip! I rushed right out and got some petit pots, vanilla, Yummmmm!

    1. Trixy -- aren't they yummy! Now we need to get really creative with those little pots.

  2. Looks like Riviera is right on that with a section on their webpage! Fun fun fun! Thanks again. The yogurt is a hit at my house!