Thursday, March 15, 2012

Binding Woes

I used to hate making the binding for a quilt. The quilt would be quilted, trimmed and ready to apply the binding, but the binding wasn't made. And then you had to find a fabric that was appropriate or figure out where you had put the binding fabric that you set aside for that quilt.

I decided a while back that I would make the binding when I finished the top. And making the backing at the same time made sense as well. As you know, I have set a goal this year to complete ONE quilt (get the binding, the backing and the top done) each week - now it is take one top that may need just the backing, or backing and binding or there might be a border or two to add. There are LOTS in various stages of completion. These are my BBB projects.

I have become very good at making binding and although I have done ONE per week this year - I have barely scratched the surface of those tops that need borders, backings or bindings. It is terrible.

So as good as I am at making binding, this week - just wasn't my week to make binding!!!!!  

It started with the Day and Night project.....................

Day and Night

I had a black fabric for the binding with a faint strip on it. This would be nice if I made bias binding. I cut the square, I make the first cut, then the first seam. Then the second seam. Wow - this is going great - I've never had it line up so nicely before. Hey - I am GOOD. Then I start to cut and I have no idea what I did, but instead of getting continuous binding - I was going to get a circle!!!!!!!   OH BOY - somehow I managed to NOT offset the second seam. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!   Oh well - it was easy to fix - rip out the second seam - resew the RIGHT way and then cut. Worked like a charm.

Then onto the next quilt that needed binding.......................

American Beauty quilt on the right - the backing on the left and the LOVELY bias binding in the center

I start by calculating how much binding I need. Check the size of square - YIKES 32 inches. No problem - I've got LOTS of fabric. Measure - OH SHOOT - the fabric piece was only 31 inches. Well - I can use the left over piece from the side to make the difference. I made the OFFSET tube and sew it together, cut it out and everything is beautiful. Then I take the leftover piece and cut diagonal strips so I can join them and make the rest of the binding. OH CRAP - I cut them right to left, NOT left to right and so the strip is going in the OPPOSITE direction from the rest of the binding. YEP - when there is a 50 -50 chance with something - well 50 percent of the time we get it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Oh well - it is a binding after all and it really won't be that big of a deal.

Marian happened to be here when I made it and I told her - doesn't matter anyway - what are the chances that this quilt will get quilted IN MY LIFETIME. And that is SAD. NO - don't jump to my aid to help quilt them. It just means that I have to develop a plan.

So far this year - I have NOT started anything (OK - just one thing and it is almost done) that was NOT on my radar screen from last year. I have not relegated anything to UFO status either. I am struggling to get through it all and this month with my two extra projects - well that is a bit of a challenge. Anyway - I was thinking - all those projects will at last have borders, bindings and backings and I am NOT adding to the pile and NOT adding to the UFO pile - perhaps I can schedule to quilt ONE quilt (of mine) each week next year. Then the following year - I can bind one a week. Yes - I think that will work. There is NO WAY that I can do it all. Just isn't going to happen, but this - well this is doable. I LOVE a plan. I might even relegate the 12 for (20)12 projects in that category. I am getting the tops, binding and backing to that stage, but not getting to the quilting. Of course - after the end of the month - that might change. But I have a PLAN.

Some recent events which I can't disclose yet are getting me thinking about the future of quilting in my life. NO - I won't be giving up teaching or quilting, but just the wheres and whens and how much. And maybe I will get even more selfish with my time and really focus on stuff for me. Well - we will see what will happen.

I'm really liking the gym and did BOOT CAMP yesterday which almost killed me. OK - so I have a pretty good cardio (I thought), but it is all ENDURANCE stuff, not the SHORT bursts required for BOOT CAMP. Anyway - it was fun and I am going back tomorrow. Yes - a sucker for punishment.

Did manage to complete a quilt for a customer. 

Always hard to pick an appropriate thread colour when there is very high contrast.  But it looks great in person. She was happy when she picked it up last night. 

So after I finished the backing for the American Beauty quilt, I found this quilt in the BBB pile. Hey - I have a LOT of the floral fabric that was used in American Beauty. I WILL NOT likely use it in a quilt, but it would be perfect for this.

Delectable Mountains - a sample for a class - MANY years ago

The leftovers from American Beauty made a great back

Another BBB is DONE

And in case you think I am just goofing off - well I am a bit. I took the girls for a walk yesterday afternoon and then we got home and I sat in the backyard with my book and my tea and just vegged out. It was GORGEOUS. I love my backyard. It is like being at the cottage - a very quiet spot and just the best place ever to hang out. Hey - I think I even took a little nap.

But I am getting stuff done and although I can't show you my main project - let's just say that if you saw the studio at this point - well you would be SHOCKED. The tables are all over the place - I had to move MY sewing table, there is stuff all over the tables - it is quite the MESS. And I have a Pampered Sit n Sew on Sunday - going to have to do some tidying.

Anyway - my 12 for (20)12 project for March was the Ocean Wave quilt that was all cut out - it is my enders and leaders for the secret project I am working on.

See - lots of enders and leaders. Making good progress on the Ocean  Waves

Still have this to sew. I am going to have to cut some more fabric - but should I trust my note??????   Since I am a pretty anal person - yes - I would say - cut what the note says. BUT I found some pieces in the bag with the note that were precut - so was the note made BEFORE those were cut or AFTER????????

Anyway - I am off to take Imelda to the hospital for her bloodwork today. Hope she wears her new hat so I can get a picture of her.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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