Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 12 - Lake Louise - Banff

Finally have access to Wi-Fi, although I am having to pay $3.00 for it. And that is just for ONE day which is this afternoon and evening. Then if I don't finish, I get to pay $3.00 for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have paid $4 to do my laundry which is getting down now. Ah - the life of camping. And we really don't have cell service here either.

OK - back to Lake Louise.

We had to make breakfast this morning as part of our galley duties. We had eggs and oatmeal. Although I am sticking to the cold cereal with my eggs or french toast or pancakes and I seem to be doing better.

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!  Anna - do you remember Canada Day two years ago????  That is a day I will never forget. We climbed the Ashcroft Hill on Tour Pacific (which is NOT on the tour this year). That hill is the standard of all climbs and NOTHING comes close.

Here I am in Lake Louise campground just before leaving. 

We were quite the sight that day as many of us wore red and white in form or fashion.

It was a hot day, but the ride to Banff was short, so we didn't really feel the heat that much.

We were supposed to take Highway 1A, but when we arrived, there was a sign that said the highway was closed at a creek. We assumed that the bridge might be out and did NOT want to get down the road that far and then have to backtrack. So we went back to Highway 1. I was kind of disappointed as we had taken 1A a couple of years ago and it was just the best road to cycle on.

When we arrived in camp, we heard that some of the others decided to chance taking the 1A and while the bridge was out if you were in a car, it was passable for cyclists. DRAT!!!!!!!

We followed the bike path for the last part of the ride into Banff which was gorgeous and then decided to go downtown to see what festivities were happening on Canada Day.

While walking around and checking out the festivities, our PR man - Michel overheard someone say they were the mayor. So he checked it out and sure enough - this lady was the mayor of Banff. Someone from Orangeville no less!!!!  We had our picture taken with her, but only on Michel's camera. Then we decided to head to the campground to get set up even though it was still quite early.

This is Clark's way of icing his archilles tendon. I thought he was just being protective of his bike!!!!
It was a lazy afternoon. While some took the bus to go downtown, many just sat around (or laid around and read or slept. It was too hot to be doing anything and it was very crowded downtown.

OK - so that is the end of that day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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